JJ Gold Net 30 Vendor: Wholesale Jewelry & Beauty Supplies

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Stock your store and build business credit by buying jewelry, hair, and beauty products on net 30 terms with D&B and Equifax Business reporting. JJ Gold is an international supplier of handmade jewelry whose signature Lauren G Adams brand is known for its colorfully painted enamels.

Who is JJ Gold

They are the creators and distributors of the Lauren G Adams brand of enamel jewelry with items being hand-made, painted, and crafted with the finest materials. The JJ Gold International company started out selling their colorful necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings over 30 years ago, but they now also sell a wide variety of beauty and personal hair care products.

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Net 30 Account

If you apply for net 30 payment terms at JJ Gold you can buy whatever you need for your store on vendor credit. With invoicing only due 30 days from your date of purchase, you’ll be able to stock inventory while also managing your business’s cash flow.

Credit Reporting

One of the most important features of owning a net 30 account at JJ Gold is that they will report all of your tradeline purchases to multiple credit bureaus. In particular, they offer monthly Dun and Bradstreet, and Experian Business reporting for net 30 purchases over $75.


JJ Gold in Tier 1 credit vendor where the main net 30 application requirements are that you must at least be 90 days in business and make purchases over $75. You will need your Employer Identification Number handy when applying, as well as your DUNS number to get D&B reporting.

There is also an annual fee of $99 to receive net 30 invoicing and credit reporting privileges.

Apply for a JJ Gold NET 30 account

Product Catalog

Their product catalog contains a wide range of handmade jewelry that includes rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. On top of this, they offer hair, beauty, bath products for both men and women, as well as gift baskets, and an assortment of home decor items.

You can also get 10% off your first purchase on vendor credit by subscribing to their newsletter.


There are four different types of jewelry sold in the JJ Gold store that contains handcrafted designs of 300+ rings, 250+ earrings, 200+ bracelets, and 150+ necklaces. The things that stand out most are the detailed craftsmanship and their vibrant, colorful designs.

Wholesale Jewelry Selection from JJ Gold
Wholesale Jewelry Selection from JJ Gold

Once you’re approved for a net 30 account, you make your purchase on vendor credit while receiving 30 full days to pay your invoice.

Lauren G Adams

Laura G Adams Signature Series
Laura G Adams Signature Series

Each piece of jewelry made under the Lauren G Adams brand name is a bold design with colorful enamels that can be worn while dressing up or dressing down. The hand-made designs have a bright lifestyle focus where sun and sand play prominent roles.  

Many pieces in the Lauren G Adams signature line of jewelry are also hand-painted, and great pride is taken to give a very unique look and feel. The handmade gemstones are bright in color and matched with graceful prints that bring their high-quality enamel and metal to life.

The inside of each statement piece has a unique finish that is either cut out or enameled and marked with their LGA Daisy signature.


Within the LGA collection at JJ Gold, you will see many handcrafted hearts, butterflies, and florals designs, along with several Egyptian, equestrian, and ladybug pieces. There’s are also many unique rings that feature dream catchers, clovers, and horseshoes, delicately enameled in gold and rhodium.

JJ Gold Net 30 Vendor: Wholesale Jewelry & Beauty Supplies

From dream bands to eternity bands, charm and pave rings, There are also many stackable rings, cocktails rings, and a few socialite rings.

JJ Gold Net 30 Vendor: Wholesale Jewelry & Beauty Supplies

You can also find many rings having a gemstone centerpiece, along with others that come in many different shapes such as swirls, open arms, axis, squares, and domes.

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JJ Gold’s collection also includes stackable bangles, charm bracelets, love bangles, hug bangles, elegant and glamour bracelets enameled in 18 karat gold, rhodium, and ruthenium.

JJ Gold Net 30 Vendor: Wholesale Jewelry & Beauty Supplies

Many of these LGA pieces are accented by flowers, hearts, butterflies, crosses, and yin yangs with slip-on, cuff, and non-adjustable styling.

JJ Gold Net 30 Vendor: Wholesale Jewelry & Beauty Supplies

You can also find best friend bracelets, retro hippie, chic, animal paradises at JJ Gold, as well as specific bracelets designed for birthdays and anniversaries.


In the Lauren G Adams line, there are many filled hoops, paved hoops, huggies, princess cut, emerald cut, dragon lady, and stud earrings available. Many of them are set in 14k yellow gold, matte crystal, and rhodium, with several merged into two-tone pieces.

JJ Gold Net 30 Vendor: Wholesale Jewelry & Beauty Supplies

Some of the main themes of LGA earrings include love and heart-shapes, keys, butterflies, and ladybugs.

JJ Gold Net 30 Vendor: Wholesale Jewelry & Beauty Supplies

In the LGA signature design series, many earrings include hints of summer dreams, sunburst, earth and wind, or are geared specifically to country living and Dia de Los Muertos celebrations.

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JJ Gold has a large selection of neckwear that includes renaissance style and hamsa necklaces, elegant drop necklaces, art deco necklaces, and cross pendants set in 18 karat gold and rhodium.

There are many design themes. such as circles of love, flower, and animal paradise which can be found on single-chain pendants, multi-layered chains, and multi-chain collars.

JJ Gold Net 30 Vendor: Wholesale Jewelry & Beauty Supplies

There are also many unique pieces in the LGA series that include charms of boots, saddles, keys, and locks.


Below you’ll find our frequently asked question about net 30 accounts at JJ Gold International such as, how to get reporting, how much membership costs, and which credit bureaus they report to.

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You’ll get monthly reporting to the Dun and Bradstreet and Experian Business credit bureaus for all orders $75 and over made in your JJ Gold net 30 account.

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Yes, and it will cost $99 per year. The annual fee is charged to businesses who open a net 30 account  to get vendor credit and monthly reporting to major business credit bureaus. Regular customers who pay for purchases in advance do not require membership and can simply checkout as normal.

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Any company that has been doing business for at least 90 days can apply for a net 30 account at JJ Gold. They offer vendor credit with easy approval, so you should only need a few open tradelines and a positive business credit history to get your net 30 application approved.

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