Net 60 Terms: Get Extended Credit from These Vendors

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When getting approved for vendor accounts with invoice payment terms up to 60 days, you can maximize your cash flow while increasing inventory and building up your business credit.

What Does NET 60 Mean?

Net 60 is a form of credit terms where you’ll receive up to 60 days to pay your purchase in full with no interest or penalties. Most companies mark the due date based on the day they send the invoice via email or when your order gets postmarked for delivery.

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There are many advantages to not having to pay your bills for 60 days that include helping you stock inventory without capital and freeing up your cash flow.

  1. Orders get delivered long before you have to pay for them
  2. You can stock inventory with no upfront cost or interest fees
  3. You’ll have up to two months to pay your invoice
  4. Buying on NET 60 credit terms can free up your monthly cash flow
  5. Paying on time can help increase your credit score


The disadvantages of NET 60 terms are generally related to late payments, where you can incur extra charges and high interest rates. You may also find purchases prices are more costly and that minimum orders may be required.

  1. Products and services available with NET 60 terms may have a higher purchase cost than paying upfront.
  2. Not paying your NET 60 bills on time will negatively impact your business credit score
  3. Late payments on your invoices can also incur high interest rates and extra charges
  4. Minimum orders may be required to attain NET 60 terms
  5. Ordering items on credit is easy, allowing you to make purchases beyond your means

Top NET 60 Vendors

The best vendors offer NET 60 terms with no extra costs while reporting your purchase transactions to major credit bureaus. By simply buying products or services that you need through your vendor accounts, you can increase your business score to the point of being able to apply for large credit lines and loans.

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A wholesale supplier for boutique shop items, Supplied allows you to purchase stock merchandise with no minimum order required. The Supplied catalog offers clothing, jewelry, and fashion accessories, along with some trendy decor, bed & bath, and office supplies.


You can order as much or as little as you need while mixing and matching between products and categories.

If you pay your invoice in full by the due date, there are no interest, fees, or penalties. All orders come with a no-questions-asked return policy of 30 days from receipt, but you must pay the return shipping cost.

Supplied NET 60 Terms

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You can get access to trade credit without a credit check by applying via Rumbleship, their third-party payment partner. Your credit application can be approved during checkout or opening a vendor account.

To ensure a fast approval, be sure to have the following information handy. Once you also verify your online banking credentials through Plaid, you can receive instant online approval. Should you choose to enter your bank routing and account number, you’ll have to wait for manual approval.

  1. Federal Tax ID NumberEIN or SSN if a sole proprietor
  2. Business Name — Legal and DBA that matches EIN
  3. Business Contact Info — Email, phone number, and address
  4. State reseller certificate — Upload a current photo
  5. Banking Details — Secure online connect or enter bank routing info
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