Reliant Funding Review


Businesses can qualify for numerous different loan options at Reliant Funding from merchant cash advances to equipment leasing, startup, and e-commerce funding. They also offer small business lines of credit, bridge loans, and SBA.

With a minimum FICO score of 525+ to qualify, Reliant is one of the easier alternative online lenders to get approval from.

Below, review, who Reliant Funding is, the type of loans they offer, what you need to qualify, and how to apply.

Who Are They

Reliant Funding is a San Diego-based company that specializes in providing merchant cash advances, and short-term loans to businesses in need.

Loan Types

Depending on the needs of your business, you can choose from many different loan options that Reliant offers. These include MCAs, bridge loans, and lines of credit, equipment leasing, startup, and e-commerce funding.

Merchant Cash Advances

Also known as MCAs, merchant cash advances allow you to borrow money for your business based on a percentage of credit card sales revenue.  You can make payments on your advance in small daily or weekly payments.

If you keep your account in good standing, once you’ve paid back 50% of your balance, you can request additional funds as needed.

Bridge Loan

A loan that is extended to the borrower as a lump sum and paid back over the length of the loan, through daily and weekly payment options. The term lengths are usually less than a year, but some can be a little bit longer.

Equipment Leasing

These are leases and loans that are specific for the acquisition of equipment. The equipment you purchase, in most cases, also acts as the collateral for the loan.

Approval Requirements

Reliant Funding offers an estimated 70% approval rate on its applications.  If can pass through the following qualification, you’re much more likely to get your loan approved.

  • Business is not in bankruptcy
  • Business does not have negative landlord references or any significant credit

MCA & Bridge

For merchant cash advances and bridge loans with short terms, the general requirements are:

  • Be in business for at least 6 months
  • Have at least $60,000 in annual revenue
  • Primary business owner has a FICO credit score of 525 or more


For equipment loans, the approval requirements are more strict and cater to somewhat established businesses.

  • Actively operating for at least 12 months
  • Have a credit score of 650+
  • Proof of solid cash flow and revenues for the past 3-6 months


For SBA Loans, there is yet another set of rules since these loans are government-backed and can carry a much longer term.

  • Minimum credit score  640, but closer to 690+ preferred
  • In-depth review of your credit history, business performance, and current debt obligations.

Credit Lines

To get approved for a business line of credit, you will need a high credit score and solid credit history.

  • Preferred credit score of 700+
  • Positive history of paying debts on time
  • Income and current debt levels will also be taken into consideration

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