Sam’s Club Business Credit Card Review: MasterCard Rewards

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When applying for business credit at Sam’s Club, the MasterCard offers the best benefits and cash rewards to go along with Net 30 billing. If you’re looking to shop at Sam’s Club and Walmart, you’ll find this no annual fee business credit card to have many membership perks.

Sam’s Club MasterCard

When applying for a Sam’s credit card as a business, you’ll notice they also have a MasterCard option that has no annual fees. Club members, and most especially, small business owners with a Plus membership enjoy rewards cash on store purchases that other business credit cards can’t offer.

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What Is It?

Sam’s Business MasterCard is both a retail store card, along with being a normal business credit card that you can use anywhere else MasterCard is accepted. There is no annual fee, but they do require you to have a Sam’s Club Membership to apply, and Sam’s Plus membership to maximize your rewards.

The main credit card perks are Sam’s Cash rewards on eligible in-store purchases, along with gasoline, dining, and takeout purchased elsewhere.

Why Apply

If you’re already shopping at Sam’s Club and Walmart to buy products or fuel for your business, some of those purchases could qualify for up to 5% back in Sam’s Cash.

If you go dining or enjoy takeout, you still make these purchases on your Sam’s card while earning Sam’s Cash that you then use for discounts on business purchases.

Card Benefits

When approved for Sam’s Club Business MasterCard you can earn up 5% back in Sam’s Cash when making specific in-store purchases at Sam’s Club and Walmart stores. You can also earn more Sam’s Cash when using it as a fuel card, or when making dining and takeout purchases.

Credit Reporting

Sam’s Club reports monthly to three major credit bureaus in Transunion, Equifax, and Experian. While Sam’s Club does not directly report to Dun & Bradstreet, your Transunion credit data gets indirectly forwarded to D&B for PAYDEX inclusion and analysis.

Rewards Cash

While technically not real money, Sam’s Cash is just as good if your regular shop at Sam’s Club. You can earn up to 5% back on store purchases, as well as, on gasoline purchases anywhere else. You can also earn 3% back on dining and takeout, and 1% back on all other purchases.

No Annual Fee

When you get approved for Sam’s Business credit card, you’ll be happy to note that there is a $0 annual fee attached to it.

Accepted At Walmart

All Sam’s Club business cards are accepted at Walmart, which allows purchases what you need at both blockchain stores with thousands of locations across the nationwide.

Purchase Tracking

When it comes time for accounting, rest assured that you can easily keep track of Sam’s Club purchases through your online account. This includes tracking of business expenses, and items each different cardholder purchases.

Authorized Users

You can add a second authorized user to your Sam’s Business MasterCard who could then get a credit boost themselves. It’s also a good way to separately track purchases not related to your business that you want to earn Sam’s Cash rewards on.

With a Sam’s Plus membership, you can issue up to 16 employee cards for your Sams business account. No matter where they are, as long as there is Sam’s club located nearby, your employees can make eligible purchases that will help build your business credit.

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You can receive up to 5% back in Sam’s Cash rewards when making eligible in-store purchases on your Sam’s Club business credit card. On top of that, you can earn 5% rewards cash when buying fuel, 3% on restaurants., and 1% in Sam’s Cash on any other purchase.

Store Purchases

You can receive up to 5% back in Sam’s Cash when making eligible in-store purchases on your Sam’s Club business credit card. This is a nice discount that only a few retail store cards that report purchases offer.


When using your Sam’s Club Business MasterCard, you can buy gas anywhere and still earn 5% back in Sam’s Cash. If don’t yet have a better business fleet or fuel cards, or don’t purchase enough to qualify for decent per gallon savings, then getting an automatic 5% in Sam’s Cash is better than most other cards.


If you like going out to restaurants or ordering takeout, you’ll get 3% back in Sam Cash when paying with your Sam’s business credit card.


You can also earn 1% back on all other items you buy on your Sam’s Club credit card, no matter where you shop.

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The downside of using Sam’s business credit cards is that mostly have to shop at Sam’s club and Walmart to maximize your Sam’s Cash rewards.

High Interest Rates

Like all other stores cards, the interest rates are quite steep, so it’s best not to use your Sam’s card if wanting to carry a balance. The credit terms are Net 20, where you will have a grace period of 20 days in which to make your payment.

  1. Sam’s Business Credit Card = 23.65% APR
  2. Sam’s Business MasterCard = 15.65 to 23.65% APR

To build credit quickly, pay your balances in full, on time, every time! To get a D&B PAYDEX score boost, pay your bills as early as possible.

Credit Score Requirement

Approval for Sam’s Club business credit cards can at times require a credit score of at least 700. This would normally make them a Tier 3 vendor, At times though, the required credit score for Sams credit card can change in-store and you can get approval with just your EIN or 650 score.

Eligible Rewards

While you can get up to 5% Sam’s Cash on in-store purchases, not all purchases are eligible. Only those marked for Plus members only can get the maximum reward.

Reward Cash

While you can earn rewards with your Sam’s business credit card, it’s only in the form of Sam’s Cash. This is not real money that you can hold in your hand, just a discount that appears at the cash register when checking out, or marked as such on your account statement.

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How to Apply

While you can apply online for a credit card at It’s best to apply in person so you make personal clarifications to criteria that might get you disqualified. This way, you’ll know if you can be approved with only your EIN, rather than having to commit to PG.

All you need to do is fill out a credit application form, where you provide important information such as:

  • Your business type, name and addresses, and when it started
  • Billing representative’s name
  • How many employees you have
  • How much you spend in a month
  • Guarantor’s information

In person, try applying with your EIN only. With a good credit score of 700 more, you can get approved for Sam’s Club Business MasterCard with your SSN.

In Store

The best way to apply for Sam’s Club Business credit card is to do some in person at a store near you. When you’re filling out the form, be sure to only add your EIN on the credit application form, and leave out your SSN.

Have the person to who you hand your application call the credit department if this is an issue. Tell them you’d like to apply only as your business without offering a personal guarantee.

Generally, the person taking your credit application will have phone access to the credit department and can approve or deny it. Being able to explain something to that person, can be what gets you approved without using your personal credit details.


While you can open a credit card account online by applying on their website, we suggest you visit a Sam’s Club location near you. Even though applying online is easier, it’s doesn’t give you the option to justify anything on your application like the lack of an SSN or personal guarantee.


Below you’ll find answers to our most frequently asked questions about Sam’s Club business credit cards, their rewards cash, and how using it can increase your business credit score.

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Guaranteed, reporting to three major credit bureaus (TransunionEquifax, and Experian) from a well-known blockchain store and indirect reporting to Dun & Bradstreet makes applying for Sam’s Club business credit cards worthwhile.

If you’re using another business credit card that does not even report your transactions, you know you can build credit quicker when using your Sam’s Club card.

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You can earn up 5% back in Sam’s Cash rewards by using your Sam’s Club credit card and making regular purchases in-store or online.

  • 5% back in Sam’s Cash for all gasoline purchases
  • 3% back on all dining and takeout purchases
  • 1% back in Sam’s Cash for all other purchases

If you’re looking to build credit, the guaranteed and direct monthly reporting to three major credit bureaus (Transunion, Equifax, and Experian) also makes applying worthwhile. Through Transunion, your credit data gets relayed to Dun & Bradstreet for PAYDEX analysis.

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Yes, a Sams Mastercard will generate monthly reports to three major credit bureaus (Transunion, Equifax, and Experian) and reports indirectly to Dun & Bradstreet via Transunion data

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Yes, it can still be worthwhile in using the clout gained from your Sam’s Club MasterCard to get approval for other business credit cards with cashback rewards. You can also still utilize it for the 5% rewards in Sam’s Cash for in-store items, fuel purchases, and 3% for dining and takeout purchases.

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No, Sam’s Club only reports directly to Transunion, Equifax, and Experian. Only Transunion data is relayed to Dun & Bradstreet for PAYDEX inclusion analysis.

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Synchrony Bank is a financial institution that issues all Sam’s Club credit cards including the Sam’s Club Business MasterCard.

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Synchrony Bank is the one that issues Sam’s club credit cards while Capital One is the issuer of Walmart’s line of business credit cards.

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$0. There is no annual fee associated with Sam’s Business credit cards. To get 3% cashback on Plus purchases (instead of 1%), however, does require a Sam’s Plus Membership which costs $45 per year.

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To maximize the amount of Sam’s Cash you can earn. You need a Sam’s Plus Membership to get 2% extra back when using your Sam’s Club MasterCard to make your purchase. With an annual fee of only $45, being a Sam’s Club member will soon pay for itself and then some with normal spending.