How Amazon Business Line of Credit & Net 30/60 Terms Work

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Large and small businesses can receive payment terms from 30 to 60 days using Amazon’s business credit line through a Pay by Invoice account. First, you’ll need to build business credit through vendors that report to multiple business credit bureaus before you can get quick approval for an Amazon Business account to the mix.

Credit Lines

Any small business owner can easily purchase and invoice products through Amazon’s credit line which begins with net 30 payment terms, which can get extended to 45 or 60 days through Business Prime membership upgrades.

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Pay by Invoice

There are no annual fees associated with Amazon’s Pay by Invoice, nor are there any interest charges. Once you sign up for an Amazon Business Line of Credit you’ll have access to their special services that help with account setup, customization, and management.

For companies able to spend $100,000+ annually, a dedicated account management team will be specifically assigned to you.


Once you sign up for the Amazon Business Line of Credit you’ll have access to their special services that help with account setup, customization, and management. For companies able to spend $100,000+ annually, a dedicated account management team will be specifically assigned to you.

Purchases invoices can be generated by anyone whom you grant buying privileges and organize your users by branch location, departments, etc. For each account subdivision, you will receive a monthly statement with their transactions and products in detail.


Depending on which Amazon Business account membership plan you choose, your payment will be due 30, 45, or 60 days from the date the order was shipped. All invoices must be paid in full on or before their due date since this is not a revolving credit line like the Amazon business credit card.

Any invoice from any of your account subdivisions can be reviewed at any time by an account admin. Upon request, you can also receive tracking status changes and detailed account reports.

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Net 30

The starter options via the Amazon Business Duo or Essential plans include a 30-day invoicing period for your online purchases. After placing orders, you can receive itemized digital invoices on-demand that are connected to your POs.

Within your account, you can accurately set up multiple buyers and precisely track individual spending too. You can further review and download all invoices sort them by date, amount, PO., or create your own customized account reports.

Net 45

To increase your payment terms to 45 days, you will need to sign up for a Small Business Prime or Medium Business Prime plan which cost $499 and $1,299 per year.

Net 60

For those wanting a 60-day billing cycle, the only option is Amazon Enterprise. This plan costs $10,099 per year, so it’s best to contact Business Accounts Help & Customer Service before applying.

Bill Payments

Payments for your Amazon Pay by Invoice purchases can be made through electronic ACH money transfers, bank wire transfers, or through checks with appropriate remittance information.

Credit Reporting

Of the three major business credit bureaus, unfortunately, Amazon’s Business credit line and the Amazon Business Card only report regularly to Dun & Bradstreet.

Business Prime

This paid add-on to your Pay by Invoice account, Amazon Business Prime Exclusive members are eligible to receive extra benefits when paying an annual fee.

While the Amazon Corporate Credit Line used to be separate from their business lines of credit, they now seem to be merged into Amazon Business accounts. While no interest is charged on your purchases, to keep your account in good standing, all invoices must be paid in full before they are past due.


When you apply for an Amazon Business Prime membership, you will have to choose between five different membership packages that range in price from $70 to $10K per year.

Membership PlansAnnual FeeUser LimitPayment Terms
Duo$691Net 30
Essential$1793Net 30
Small$49910Net 45
Medium$1,299100Net 45
Enterprise$10,099100+Net 60
Amazon Business Prime Membership Pricing


Typically, most businesses that have already established 5-8 tier 1 tradelines can gain approval for an Amazon Business Duo or Essential plans which come with net 30 payment terms.

Amazon approval for their Small or Medium plans is typically given to established businesses with at least two years of credit history. If, however, you already have an Amazon Business account with moderate spending habits and monthly revenues to match, you might get your application fast-tracked.

Amazon Business Enterprise approval does however require you have a decent-sized corporation with heavy Amazon purchase habits.

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For $69 per year, a Business Prime Duo membership will grant 1 user fast and free business delivery, free survey, and analytics tools.

  • Fre predictable weekly delivery with Amazon Day
  • Free same-day delivery on eligible orders
  • Free one-day shipping on millions of items
  • Free two-day shipping on over 100 million items
  • Free consolidation shipping
  • Free delivery on special items
  • Discounted expedited shipping
  • Realtime feedback dashboard
  • Omnichannel and close the loop feedback


For $179 per year, Business Prime Essentials membership will grant up to 3 users, everything in the Duo Plan, plus Quicksight Spend Visibility, Amazon WorkDocs, and Guided Buying.

  • Track your buying patterns
  • Data filters to sort and categorize your invoices
  • KPI management with real-time spending and savings performance trackers
  • Spending trends of all your employees
  • Secure cloud storage for all your documents
  • Smart file search and ability to comment on files
  • Securely share files with co-workers and business partners
  • Gain more control over employee spending
  • Show employees preferred products and sellers
  • Restrict product categories on employee purchases


For $499/$1,299 per year, Business Prime Small/Mediums memberships will grant up to 10 users, everything in the Duo and Essential Plans with the added bonus of net 45 invoicing.

As a premium Business member, you’ll be granted access to Amazon’s account management team that will help set up and service your account. Companies that spend over $100k annually, will get an account specialist assigned specifically to help invoice management and purchases.

Small and medium plans also can integrate automated purchase workflows within Amazon’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Businesses in the AWS Marketplace can get an AI-powered upgrade to QuickBooks by connecting to the cloud financial management tools found in Sage Intact.

Our Top Pick
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No membership fees, an initial $2,000 credit limited being reported, and a $1,000 limit increase with each $80 invoice paid makes Ohana the best Net 30 accounts to start building business credit with.


The Business Prime Enterprise membership costs $10,099/year and allows up to access over 100 users. This is the newest replacement for Amazon’s corporate credit line that offers everything in the Small/Medium plans but has net 60 invoicing instead of the older 55-day payment terms.

An Optimal Deployment feature is also available for Enterprise users included which allows you to block employees from seeing specific sellers or buying specific products.


Your Amazon credit line can be divided into separate accounts for different departments and locations. Organizational purchases can then be reviewed or consolidated into easy-to-read statements that can be sent to all linked accounts.


Below you’ll find answers to our most frequently asked questions about Amazon Business credit lines and business cards.

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It’s a free Amazon account for businesses that helps streamline their purchasing process, and allows them to get deals and bulk discounts that are not readily available to regular Amazon consumers. It’s also an account management platform that help businesses digitize their the purchases, along with providing analytical reports of business spending and expense reconciliation.

When free Amazon business accounts are upgraded to Amazon Business Prime memberships, extra features are added like free same-day shipping and Net 30 payment terms.

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It’s Amazon’s business credit line that allows companies to make purchases without having to pay their Amazon invoice for at least 30 days. Membership fees start at $69/$179 per year for their Duo or Essentials plans which come with Net 30 invoicing.

Their Small/Medium plans ($499/$1,299/yr) offer Net 45 payment terms along with access to Amazon ERP and Sage Intact. Finally, their Amazon Enterprise plan costs $10,099 per year and comes Net 60 terms and optimal deployment functionality for 100+ users.

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Dun & Bradstreet is the only business credit bureau that Amazon Business reports to if you are using a Pay by Invoice account. They also report to the SBFE (Small Business Financial Exchange) if you make purchases on Amazon Business credit card.

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This is an invoicing feature available to Amazon Business Prime members that are subscribed to Duo or Essentials plans that allows businesses 30 days to pay for their Amazon purchase orders

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These are extended payment terms of up to 45 days that are available for businesses who upgrade to Small or Medium membership plans at Amazon Business Prime. Net 45 invoicing is also available to Amazon Business American Express cardholders are willing to forgo Amazon rewards in exchange for delaying invoice payments.

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Unfortunately, it seems that Net 55 accounts at Amazon are being phased out after they introduced Pay by Invoice credit lines for small to large businesses with Net 45 and Net 60 payment terms. You can now also get up to 90-day payment terms when making purchases using an Amazon Business Prime American Express card credit card.

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These exclusive payment terms of up to 60 days are only available to Amazon Enterprise members. Typically, this membership is only handed out to large corporations and comes with a hefty price tag of $10,099 per year.

Small business owners and corporations alike, however, can get better Net 90 payment terms simply by paying for purchases on their Amazon Business Prime American Express credit card.

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No. You will need to pay for a Small or Medium Amazon Business Prime memberships which have Net 45 terms and Dun & Bradstreet reporting. If you can get approved for an Amazon AMEX Business Prime card you’ll get Net 60 terms, along with D&B and SBFE reporting.  When combining this card with your Business Prime account, you’ll get Net 90 terms.