American Express Amazon Business Credit Card Offers & Review

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Amazon has two business credit cards that include the Business Prime American Express card that requires an eligible prime membership. A welcome bonus is available upon approval, while other features like no foreign transaction fees, 3-5% back on Amazon purchases, and 2% back on restaurants, gas, and wireless phone services make it worth looking into.


American Express and the world’s largest retailer have combined to offer two revolving credit card options, the Amazon Business, Amex, and the Amazon Business Prime Amex. Other than their difference in net payment terms and bonus cash offers, they are almost identical in all other aspects.

To qualify for the Amazon Business Prime card, however, you will need to have a Business Prime account which is the corporate version of the regular Amazon Prime membership.

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Amex Business

No matter which card you choose, you get access to the same revolving Amazon line of credit with the only difference being the cash back and financing options.

  • 3% cash back on eligible purchases up to $120,000 per calendar
  • Net 60 payments terms rather than cash back

While the Amazon Business credit card, does not require an Amazon Business Prime membership, the fact that you would lose out on 30 more days of payment terms or 2% extra rewards makes it more than worthwhile to upgrade.

Amex Business Prime

As an Amazon Business Prime member, you will get some extra bonuses that are not included with their basic business card.

  • 5% cash back on eligible purchases up to $120,000 per calendar
  • Net 90 payments terms rather than cash back

Best Card

The lowest Amazon Business Prime membership is the Duo plan which costs $69 per year and includes free same-day shipping. When you add in the extra 2% cashback from owning an Amazon Business Prime credit card, you’ll only have to spend $3,450 annually to break even. If you prefer a 90-day payment instead, that alone is worth the extra cost.

All other qualification requirements and card benefits aside from the extra rewards and longer payment terms are the same on both cards, so there’s no reason not to choose the Amazon Business Prime American Express card.

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The most notable benefit of using Amazon Business credit cards is the option to choose from 3%/5% back or 60/90 day payment terms on purchases within the Amazon family, which includes their Whole Foods Market too. The extended warranty coverage from Amex is also a nice bonus.

Besides the variances in welcome offers, payment terms, and top-end rewards structure, the rest of the Amazon card benefits, like the payment grace period and lack of a foreign transaction fee are the same.

  • $0 annual fee
  • $100/$125 Amazon gift card upon approval
  • 3-5% cash back on Amazon purchases
  • 60 to 90 payment term options with 0% interest
  • 25-day grace period
  • Free employee cards with spending controls
  • No foreign transaction fees

Net 90

Both Amazon Business American Express cards allow you to exchange your cash back rewards in favor of an interest-free period of 60 to 90 days. Regular Amazon Business cardholders can select Net 60 terms, while Net 90 terms are available for Amex Business Prime cardholders.

While these Amazon Amex business cards can be used anywhere, the extended payment terms only apply to Amazon purchases, as well as those made on Amazon Go, Amazon Web Service (AWS), and Whole Foods Market.


The amazon rewards program allows businesses to earn up 3-5% back on business purchases with the Amazon network which includes their Whole Foods division. You can then redeem rewards earned on your Amazon business credit card during checkout or utilize them as a statement credit.

The high-end reward structure is are also capped at $120,000 per year, after which you’ll only earn 1%.

Unfortunately, their other rewards categories which include gas stations, restaurants, and wireless telephone is also severely lacking compared to other credit cards like the Chase Business Ink Series. When making these special category purchases within the US you will receive just 2% back, while all other purchases are only eligible to earn 1% back.

Aside from the fact you can earn rewards with Amazon business cards they also offer some special offers and purchase discounts from McAfee, Amazon Freight, and a few other benefits.

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As an Amazon Business credit cardholder you’ll get access to these other perks and benefits:

  • Exclusive prices and purchase quantity discounts
  • Employee cards with shared payment methods and spending limits
  • Employee purchase control with multi-user accounts and alerts
  • Account manager, year-end summary, and expense management tools
  • Enhanced data views with purchases listed by item
  • Smart chip fraud protection technology

Since American Express issues both Amazon business cards you’re also eligible for some of their cardholder perks like travel benefits, purchase protection, and being able to schedule payments with the Amex Business App.

  • Loss and damage car rental Insurance coverage up to $50,000
  • Baggage insurance up to $1,250 per person
  • 90-day return / extended warranty protection up to $300 per item and $1,000 total per year
  • Full access to the American Express Global Assistance Hotline
  • Full access to the American Express Business App

Grace Period

Unlike other corporate charge cards, you are allowed to carry a balance on your Amazon Business credit card from American Express. During each billing cycle, you are granted a 25-day, grace period with 0% interest. For cash advances, however, interest is charged from the transaction date onward.


The biggest issues with Amazon Business credit cards are the qualification requirements and the lack of high-end reward points on purchases outside of the Amazon purchase network.

  • Requires good/excellent credit score (700-750)
  • 3-5% back rewards are capped at $120,000 and are not actual cash
  • No cash back is offered when requesting Net 60/90 billing cycle
  • Amazon Business Prime membership is required for boosts
  • Limited spending categories with a maximum of 2% back
  • No intro APR offer
  • No balance transfers allowed
  • Standard APR can be as high as 23%
  • Penalty APR can be as high as 30%


Here’s a list of fees and extra charges associated with Amazon’s AMEX business cards with most notable the high cash advance fee, along with returned and late payment fees.

  • Annual fee: None – $0
  • Foreign Transactions: None – $0
  • Overlimit Fee: None – $0
  • Cash Advance3% of withdrawal amount with a $5 minimum
  • Late Payments: Up to $39
  • Returned Payments: $39

Interest Rates

Each Amazon American Express credit card has a variable interest rate of 14.99% to 22.99% which is determined by your company’s creditworthiness. This APR will also vary based on financial market volatility (Prime + 10.999 to 18.99%).

  • Variable APR14.99% to 22.99% (Prime Rate + 10.99% to 18.99%)
  • Cash Advance APR25.74% (Prime Rate+ 21.74%)
  • Penalty APR29.99% (Prime Rate + 25.99%)
  • Intro APRNone
  • Balance Transfer APRNot allowed

Should you fail to make your payments on time or have one returned, this will trigger the penalty period found in your terms of the agreement. Any of the following will result in a minimum 12-month Penalty ARP of 29.99% (Prime + 25.99%).

  1. Failure to make the minimum payment on time
  2. Make a payment that is returned
  3. Make 2 late payments in 12 months
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Get Started


You can easily apply for an Amazon Business or Amazon Business Prime American Express Card online and receive a decision in less than a minute. If you apply via Amazon’s website, then you’ll need to sign in first to see your offer and the application link.

If you try to apply directly on the American Express website you’ll simply get redirected back to the Amazon application page. You can, however, see the credit card issuers’ offers and details for the Amazon Business Card and Amazon Business Prime Card without having to log in.


The financial institutions that oversee approval for Amazon business credit cards are Synchrony Bank and American Express. Beyond the credit score requirement, the rest of the credit card application is quite easy to complete.

  1. 18 years of age or older
  2. U.S. mailing address
  3. EIN is required if the business is not a sole proprietorship
  4. SSN and personal details required for card guarantor
  5. Access to financial information of beneficial owners
  6. Good to excellent credit score of 700-750

In regards to Amazon Prime Business card approval, do note that your company will need to already own an eligible prime membership in order to apply.

Business Info

The first step in your credit application requires that you enter your business information:

  • Legal business name, business name on card, and if you are doing business as (DBA)
  • Business phone number, address, city, state, and zip code
  • Years in business, industry, company structure, and your role
  • Number of employees, annual revenues, estimated business spending (optional)

If you are a partnership or corporation then you’ll also be required to:

  1. Enter your Employer Identification Number (EIN/Federal Tax ID)
  2. Declare that you have at least 25% ownership in this business
  3. Or declare that the business has individuals other than yourself who do

Personal Info

Next, you will need to enter personal information for the guarantor of the card.

  • Name, work email, date of birth, and Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Total annual income, non-taxable income (optional)
  • Home phone, mobile phone, (optional), address, state, city, and zip code

Finally, you will need to select where you want your bill sent (business or home address). Once you click on the Next button, you’re almost done.

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The last step is to simply review the information to ensure it’s accurate and then submit your application. After you’ve finalized your application for the Amazon business card of your choosing, you will receive a quick decision in as less than 1 minute.


Below you find the answer to our most frequently asked questions about both of Amazon’s business credit cards issued by American Express.

1 min read

Yes, there are two Amazon credit cards for business owners. Once approved you will receive a $100/$125 Amazon gift card, plus be eligible for 3%-5% back or Net 60/90 payment terms on purchases made at, AWS, Amazon Go, and Whole Foods Market. The Business Prime American Express Card offers the most rewards and longest terms but is only available to eligible Prime members.

1 min read

Yes, both the Amazon Business American Express Card and their Amazon Business Prime credit card report to D&B, and the SBFE (Small Business Financial Exchange).

1 min read

Payments for Amazon Amex cards can easily be made via regular online bill payments, through your online account at IOS and Android users can schedule account autopay via the American Business App.

1 min read

Yes, you will get a $125 Amazon gift card upon approval for a Amazon Business Prime American Express card or a $100 gift card if you choose the regular Amazon business credit card.

1 min read

No, both the Amazon Business card and Amazon Business Prime credit card have a $0 annual fee. The catch-22 is that you must have an Amazon Business Prime membership to receive their maximum 5% back offer or Net 90 payment terms.

1 min read

This is yet another exclusive set of payment terms offered only to Amazon Business Prime members who also get approved for, and make purchases using their Amazon Business Prime credit card from American Express. Typically, a minimum 700-750 credit score is needed to apply.