Best Business Credit Cards with 0% APR & Cash Back Offers

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In the ever-changing world of the business credit card offers you’ll need the most updated information to stay on top of the application game. Our top list of credit cards has options from banks to credit unions and business lenders.

Before Applying

Read this article before you apply for any credit card, and be sure to read the terms and agreement on their website. Carefully note all rates and fees which they tend to hide in the smallest of print.

Take special note of any transaction fees associated with 0% APR balance transfers, as they are generally at least 3% of your transfer amount.

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The new Ink Series of credit cards from Chase has two notable perks. On the Ink Business Cash and Ink Business Unlimited card, you can get 0% APR purchases for the first 12 months with a 3% balance transfer fee.

The Ink Business Preferred card offers competitive rewards points with a 1:1 ratio of point-per-dollar spend. On top of that, you can get 3x points on shipping, social media and search engine advertising, telecom, and travel purchases.

American Express

The American Express line of business credit cards comes with a plethora of options that is the largest available from any lender. For 0% into APR offers, however, there are only three options: Business Blue Cash card, Business Blue Plus card, and the Lowes card.

The two Business Blue credit cards come with a 12-month balance transfer period. They also come with 2% cash back /2x points on eligible purchases up to $50,000 per calendar year, and 1%/1x on all other purchases.

The Amazon Business and Amazon Business Prime cards work similar to Net 30 vendor accounts, as they give you 60/90 day payment terms. They also come with a $100/$125 bonus Amazon Gift Card, and if you don’t want Net 60/Net 90 terms, you’ll get  3%/5% cash back on Amazon purchases.

The Plum Card is interesting for its 1.5% early-pay discount, while the Green, Gold, and Platinum are top reward point cards with varying levels of qualification.

If you’re a handyman or doing a lot of home renovations, the Lowes Business Rewards Card has a similar 0% intro APR for the first 9 months, along with 5% cash back on eligible Lowes purchases. On top of that, you’ll get 2X points at US restaurants, office supply stores, and wireless telephone services.

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The Business credit cards at Wells Fargo, are a notch below Chase at the moment. Their 0% ARP intro is only valid for the first 9 months on their Business Platinum Card, compared to Chase offering up to 12 months. Their balance transfer fee is also 4%/$10 minimum, higher than the average 3%/$5 also found at Chase.

Their new customer cash back bonus on their Platinum card/Business Elite Signature cCard at $300 and $500 is again, much less than $750 offered at Chase. The 1.5% cash back offer on qualifying purchases, however, is standard across all cards (which is rare) and this includes their Business Secured Card too.


There is a wide range of PNC business credit cards, but only the PNC Business Visa comes with 0% intro APR, and there is no cash back offer on top Chase, American Express, and Wells Fargo have.

The 1.5% cash back offer on the PNC Business Signature Visa is unique because it has no limit on the amount of cash you can earn, but the $200 new customer bonus is quite low.

The PNC Points Visa Business Card offers a 5:1 point per dollar spent ratio, with cash redemption being secondary in the rewards.

The PNC Travel Rewards Visa Business Card is and 1:1 ratio mile card while the PNC Business Signature Options Visa gives you options for distributing points in three different rewards programs. Useful, we still like the Chase Business Preferred Card better.

US Bank

You’ll have three business credit cards from US Bank to choose from, but only two have the 0% APR intro offer.  The Business Cash Card does have cash back at 1% for all purchases, as well as, a 3% bonus on gas, cellular, and office supplies. The 0% intro APR, however, will only last for the first 9 months.

The Business Platinum Card comes with 15 billing cycles to pay the 0% APR, which is an extra 3 months more than Chase but has no cash back rewards, so it’s a, turn credit into cash card only.

Lastly, the Business Leverage Card is a $750 customer intro cash back when spending $7,500 on eligible purchases. It’s only offered to the card owner (not employee cards) though and you have to dig into their reward rules to see Merchant Category Codes do not qualify for points. The 2x bonus points are also only on your top 2 category selections and not comparable to Chase.

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The Go Biz card is the only Navy Federal business card available at the moment, but it doesn’t have an 0% intro APR offers.

The 5.90% + prime APR, however, is pretty low if you can qualify for it. The rewards program also 1:1 ratio in points per $1 spent with no earning cap. There are some decent travel services as well, such as no foreign transaction fees, and collision damage waiver.

Sadly, the Navy Federal personal credit cards come with better variants that offer more points collection options, but again, none have a 0% intro APR attached to them.

TD Bank

There only seems to be one business option now in the current TD Bank line of business credit cards.

If you already bank with TD or are willing to open an account, the TD Business Solutions card might be worth a look as you can get an unlimited 2% cash back rewards with no categories or caps.

The TD Double Up credit card has a 0% intro APR with the same 2% cash back rewards if you withdraw the cash into a TD bank account. It seems to be a personal credit card though, which is unfortunate.

Bottom Line

The Chase Ink Series of business credit cards is currently atop our list as it has 0% intro APR with makes for easily converting credit into cash, while also providing decent cash back offers.

While a little harder to qualify for, the business credit card offers from American Express are quite extensive. The Business Blue Cash and Business Blue Plus, and Lowes card and decent cash back offer. The Amazon Business and Amazon Business Prime are also worth a look if you do a lot of shopping online.

If you can’t qualify for a Chase or Amex card, then Wells Fargo, US Bank, PNC, or Navy Federal could be viable options. With the Wells Fargo card though, you have to be conscious of their 4% balance transfer fee, as this is slightly above the industry standard of 3%. That amounts to a $10 extra cost per $1,000 balance transfer, which is not much but could tip the scales towards another card.

While part of their personal line, the TD Double Up card is pretty decent in terms of cash back rewards and 0% intro APR.

Before filling out any applications, it’s best to thoroughly understand how and when to apply for a credit card.

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