Best Package Forwarding Service & Virtual Address Reviews

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When we review a package forwarding company, we prefer a US virtual address location in a tax-free state accompanied by minimal extra fees. An extra Japan or UK address is a bonus when finding an online store in those countries, but most of all, we simply care about how much a parcel mail forwarding service costs and how reliable they are.


US Package Forwarding Service

One of the best parcel forwarding services for international shoppers, Stackry offers fast processing and hassle-free pricing with no hidden fees. They have been providing shipping services for more than 30 years. With Stackry’s reach spanning over 200 countries, they’re considered among the best cross-border package forwarding companies around.

Stackry’s reviews compliment their drop shipping for non-US residents and how they make Cross-border purchases for all online shoppers easy, secure, cost-effective, and secure.


Unlike many other package forwarding services that require a credit card to sign up, Stackry offers fast registration with no monthly fees either. Every free membership includes a tax-free USA address on Amherst Street in Nashua, New Hampshire, along with 45 days of free storage.

As a Stackry member, you can safely purchase products from all types of online stores, even popular online retailers like, Etsy, eBay, and Newegg, You can also shop online at retail stores such as Macy’s, Nordstrom, Gap, Levi’s, and Zulily


The shipping costs for their US parcel forwarding service are calculated by dimensional weight, with varying prices based on your destination country. If you want to order multiple packages, be sure to use their shipping calculator for more accurate pricing.

Do note that their free account has several extra fees for like things like repacking services and return handling. Special requests to consolidate packages, along with commercial invoice editing and hazmat processing also come with extra costs. They also have some other services such as assisted purchase and item photo requests.

If you are interested in protecting your delivered goods, a review says they provides shipment value insurance for $3 per $100 of the declared value with a $6 minimum. Unfortunately, there is a maximum limit for insuring high-end purchases such as jewelry, precious metals, fine art, or collector items. You can email support for more on their high-value item shipping restrictions.

Stackry ServiceExtra Fees
Extended Storage$0.08 / day beyond 45 days
Package Consolidation$2 / package
Repackaging Services$5 / package
Address Correction$5 / package
Package Return$7.50 / pre-paid shipping label
Dangerous Goods$12.50 / type
Editing Invoices$25 / invoice
Shipment Value Protection$3 / $100 declared w/ $6 min
Personal ShoppingFrom $10 / retailer + 8.5% purchase value
Item Photo Request$4 first + $1 each additional
Stackry Pricing and Extra Fees


US Package Forwarding Service

After signing up for a free membership at Fishisfast you’ll get a US tax-free address in Delaware and 180 days of free storage locker access for all your international shopping needs. The FishisFast warehouses are open 24/7 to ensure fast packing and same-day shipping. When you add on their free consolidation services, 4-hour packing times, and reliable delivery reputation, this earns them a prime spot on our top package forwarding services list.


The free plan from Fisifast comes with a virtual mailbox in a state with no US sales tax where you save up to 7.5% on your purchases. When a package arrives at your shipping address, they’ll take a free photo of it in your personal storage locker, along with the address label. You can view these images in their web app, or add one of their extra services offered.

To save on shipping costs, they offer free repackaging services to combine items into the most economical shipping box. The one caveat, however, is that Fishifast has a lot of shipping restrictions that exclude most hazmat packages and dangerous goods.


There is no monthly fee or any other hidden subscription fee at Fishisfast. If fact, they even offer free repacking and invoice removal upon request. Their handy shipping cost calculator can help you cost-effectively ship all of your online shopping purchases.

If you want additional item photos, they charge a one-time fee of $5 to unpack a shipment and take pictures of individual items. If you subscribe to automatic photos for every incoming package, the cost is only $2 per shipment. If you want to fast-track your shipment during the peak seasons, it’s an extra $10.

Items Photos (One Time) $5 per shipment Items Photos (Automatic) $2 every shipment Shipping Insurance $3 per $100 value declared Merchandise Return $3 with prepaid shipping label Power-on Testing $5 per test Mediation Services $5 per instance Doubled-walled Boxes $5 per box Bubble Wrap $1 per item / $5 full shipment Plastic Bag Inside $3 per shipment Plastic Wrap $5 per shipment

Fishisfast ServicesExtra Fees
Items Photos (automatic)$2 every shipment
Items Photos (one time)$5 per shipment
Bubble Wrap$1 per item / $5 full shipment
Shipping Insurance$3 per $100 value delared
Merchandise Return$3 with prepaid shipping label
Plastic Bag Inside$3 per shipment
Plastic Wrap$5 per shipment
Doubled-walled Boxes$5 per box
Power-on Testing$5 per test
Return Mediation Services$5 per instance
Fishisfast Pricing and Extra Fees


UK Package Forwarding Service

A UK parcel forwarding company, Forward2Me also offers mail forwarding services from Germany, Japan, and Turkey. With 4 free addresses to choose from, many international shoppers use them to directly send their purchased items around the world. While they are not a forwarding service that offers free storage, their shipping rates are quite reasonable. A personal address with no membership fee in Turkey alone is a very hard Stackryget, while Germany is not an easy get either.


Below you’ll find answers to our most frequently asked questions about companies that offer packing forwarding services, virtual maiboxes, and tax-free addresses for worldwide shipping.

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Yes, absolutely. Our best parcel forwarding service reviews showcases several reputable mail forwarding companies that are both safe and reliable. While a few offer premium membership packages, we suggest using a shipping service provider that offers a free virtual mailing address and flat-rate shipping fees.

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No, not really. International shipping is usually always subject to customs charges, especially if you’re insuring a specific declared value. When using a package forwarding company, they may simply include custom fees in their shipping price. You can also use try using a free consolidation service to take advantage of bulk shipping discounts.

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Not really, no. A few service providers sometimes entice new members to join by offering free insurance against loss or theft, but it’s usually just added to their regular pricing. The best parcel forwarding services have no membership fees and low shipping, but charge around $3 per $100 declared values. Usually, each company will also have a unique list of restricted items or fragile small items like perfume for which they provide no insurance coverage.