Best Corporate Credit Cards & Business Charge Cards

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Similar to a business credit card with perks, a good corporate credit card offers cash back rewards with no personal guarantee or annual fee. The best corporate card programs also include tools to track business expenses and employee spending, as well as having no foreign transaction fees, unlimited employee cards, and fraud protection.

Corporate vs Business

The biggest advantage that corporate cards have over business credit cards is that you’ll only have corporate liability, even on employee card spending. With no personal guarantee required you also won’t have to worry about a business purchase affecting your personal credit score.

The best corporate credit cards are very similar to business cards with rewards. Typically, they offer cash back rebates and extra reward points for select business categories like dining or business travel. Depending on the card you choose, they may also have frequent flyer miles, travel insurance, or rental car loss damage waiver (LDW).

Most corporate card companies also unlimited employee cards for free, and allow you to easily create virtual cards for online subscriptions and one-time purchases. Typically, all corporate cards and expense management tools where you can create budgets and easily track and limit employee spending.

Where business credit card approval requires a good personal credit score, corporate credit card issuers typically have no credit check, and revenue or cash flow requirements.

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Corporate Cards

From small business owners looking to expand their reach to large corporations looking for a business gold card upgrade, there are many corporate cards with no personal liability to choose from. Most cards will also have will real-time fraud monitoring and general rewards where you can even earn cash back on purchases from office supply stores and gas stations.

By reviewing the account opening requirements from each credit card issuer below, you can secure the card with the highest rewards points for travel, or the one with the lowest interest rates to maintain your company’s cash flow.

Best Corporate Credit Cards & Business Charge Cards


Divvy Corporate Charge Card
Corporate Charge Card

With two different no PG, Divvy corporate charge cards to choose from, this is a great option for businesses of all sizes. Both Divvy cards come with the ability to earn cash back rewards up to 1.5%. You can earn up to 7x reward points on hotels, 5x points on dining purchases, and 2x for software subscriptions.

There are no hidden fees or annual fees for either Divvy corporate credit card. Use of their online software is also free for all members, as is requesting additional employee cards and virtual cards. Even wire transfers and global ACH deposits are free. The only thing they seem to charge is foreign transaction fees that range from 0.2%-0.9%.

Once you sign up for a free Divvy demo, you can apply for either card. No matter if you get approved for the Divvy Credit Builder or the Divvy Business Credit Line, you’ll get access to their expense management tools to control spending and balance your company budget. Both Divvy cards have Small Business Financial Exchange (SFBE) reporting, while credit builder payments also get reported to the Dun & Bradstreet business credit bureau.

Credit Builder Card

Startups and newly established can enjoy all the perks of owning a corporate credit card by applying for the Divvy Credit Builder. This is a secured business credit card that you have to add funds to make purchases, but all the other perks are the same. No founder guarantee is required and there are no personal credit checks either. Just sign up for a free demo to apply. After adding funds to your account, you can use your Divvy card and get D&B reporting right away.

Flexible Credit Line

Large corporations, along with small businesses that have an established credit history and a positive monthly cash flow can apply for a Divvy Business Line of Credit. This option comes with a Divvy corporate card which acts very much like a business charge card. You’ll get up to 30 days to pay for your Divvy Visa purchases, but since it’s only a charge card, your balance has to be paid in full each month.

While you’ll have to use your own funds with the Divvy builder card, small business owners can get approved for a flexible credit line from Divvy for up to $50,000. Large corporations, on the other hand, can get credit limits up to $15 million.

Extra reward points are offered to cardholders who pay their credit line balances within 7 days of purchase. If making bi-weekly payments, your Divvy rewards points can be reduced by around 40%, while monthly payments will reduce your rewards points by 50-70%. To get the maximum 1.5 cash back you’ll also need to make weekly payments, while payments beyond 7 days will reduce your cashback reward to 1%.

Even if you have bad personal credit scores, you can still get approved for a Divvy credit line. No soft or hard pull is required on your personal credit report, as they will only look at your business financials. To get your credit application approved, you only need to have good company spending habits, positive monthly cash flow, and a decent business debt-to-income ratio.


Ramp Corporate Card
Corporate Charge Card

With 1.5% cash back on all purchases made on your Ramp corporate card, you won’t find a more efficient rewards program. Even with combined purchases, such as office supplies and phone services, you’ll get the same cashback rate without having to target special rewards categories.

Ramp’s unique savings insights is an algorithm-driven system that advises you how and where to cut costs based on your company’s purchase history. Here you can manage all your vendors and subscriptions to gain insight into rising costs or remove redundancy.

With Ramp price alerts you can benchmark your contracts against 1,000s of customers, or assign one of their savings experts to negotiate a better price for you.

You’ll also find many rebates attached to your Ramp credit card that can save you an average of 27% on SaaS purchases. Some of the vendors who offer rebates through Ramp are:

  • Salesforce, Slack, Zendesk, and DocSend
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS), Stripe, and Plastiq
  • Corporate Traveler, OpenPhone, and Voyage SMS
  • Kruze, Capchase, and Xero
  • Snapchat Ads, and Hawke Media

As a newly established business or startup, you can still get Ramp card approval by having a minimum business bank account balance of $75,000. Unfortunately, sole proprietors are not allowed to apply, only a legal business entity such as LLC, Partnership, or Corporation. Two other qualification requirements are an Employer Identification Number and your business spending to be mostly US based.