Review of Shogun Roasting Net 30 Accounts

Shogun Roasting Net 30: Get Gourmet Office Coffee on Credit

As a technology-first roaster, Shogun offers monthly coffee deliveries with sustainable farming practices and a meticulous roasting process. Any new business can create a Shogun business account with no application fee required. Once approved, you’ll gain access to member discounts, wholesale pricing, and net 30 payment terms. Coffee Beans Each of Shogun Roasting’s coffee varieties …

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Best practices for obtaining business loans for restaurants

Best Restaurant Business Loans and Equipment Financing Info

Securing a loan for a restaurant can be instrumental in actualizing your culinary visions, same for obtaining restaurant equipment financing. Before initiating any application process, it’s imperative to discern which of these funding options would synergize best with your business dynamics. Restaurant Financing Restaurant financing refers to the capital sourced from specialized lenders, small regional …

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Supply chain disruptions based on full or partial government shutdown orders

ERC Supply Chain Disruption Rules: Full or Partial Shutdown

If government orders caused supply chain issues that had a more than nominal effect on business operations, you can this fully refundable credit. No significant decline in gross receipts is required to be eligible for the employee retention tax credit (ERTC) under this provision. just qualified wages paid to eligible employees and a government-mandated order …

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Business owner reflecting on ERC for Restaurants

How to Claim the Employee Retention Credit for Restaurants

Restaurant business owners can navigate the complexities of ERC eligibility, by simply understanding how qualified wages paid and tips work. Whether a small diner or a large restaurant chain, passing the government order test alone may be enough to make you eligible to claim the ERC credit. Restaurant Industry The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant …

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Understanding the Credit Limit System

What is a Credit Limit: Definition + How to Get an Increase

Credit reports and ratings along with factors like income-to-debt ratio and on-time payment history help define your preset credit limits. Other qualifiers to receive a higher credit limit include your credit utilization, tangible net worth, and overall credit management. Credit Card Limit This represents the maximum balance cardholders can carry in a month on new …

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