Divvy Business Credit Card Review: Rewards & Requirements

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A high-tech funding solution, Divvy is a net 30 charge card issued by Cross River Bank that offers budgeting and expense management. By paying bills early, cardholders earn extra Divvy credit card rewards which can be redeemed in cash, statement credits, travel vouchers, or gift cards.

What is Divvy

Marketed as a business funding solutions company, Divvy has merged its powerful budgeting software into a flexible business charge card with no annual fee. They cater to small business owners by offering high credit limits up to $15,000,000, and a full suite of expense and spend management tools.

Cardholders can also earn rewards when making purchases and build business credit through card payments beyond reported to the Small Business Financial Exchange (SBFE). Divvy also makes it very easy to order employee cards, or create virtual and temporary use cards for online purchases or subscriptions.

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Corporate Card

Unlike many other corporate charge cards, the Divvy Business Visa has no hidden fees, no annual fee, and no personal guarantee required to apply.

Divvy charges suppliers an interchange fee when suppliers run payments on your card, which is the same as every other credit card. Suppliers then either absorb this cost or charge extra when customers pay with credit cards.

Contrary to other business credit cards that make money from high interest rates, interchange fees are Divvy’s bread and butter. The more companies spend regularly, the more money Divvy makes from interchange fees, and the more likely they are to grant credit approval. All Divvy cards are issued by Cross River Bank, Member FDIC.

How it Works

Divvy’s flexible business credit card is more like a credit line with a fast application process and varying degrees of approval requirements for companies of all types and sizes. Large corporations can receive limits up to $15,000,000, while a small business owner is more likely is get approved for $50,000 or less.

Rather than charging high interest rates, Divvy profits through your corporate card spending. The more your business actively purchases via credit each month, the more likely you are to get approved.

To reduce the risk of payment default, Divvy offers extra reward points for cardholders who pay their bills weekly or bi-weekly, rather than monthly


The Divvy Visa card is a great company card for travel. Their rewards program offers up to 7x bonus points for restaurant purchases and 5x on hotels when making weekly payments. Divvy also negates online fraud risk by allowing you to create an unlimited number of virtual and one-time use cards.

  1. No annual fee
  2. High credit limits up to 50k are given to small business owners
  3. Free virtual cards and employee cards as needed
  4. Free access to Divvy expense management software and budgeting tools
  5. Extra reward points are awarded for weekly bill payments
  6. Possible 7x points on restaurants and 5x on hotels
  7. Special credit offers from AWS, Google Ads, FedEx, Verizon, and MileIQ
  8. Payments are reported to the Small Business Financial Exchange (SBFE)


To take full advantage of Divvy rewards, businesses need to meet minimum monthly spending requirements and be able to pay invoices weekly rather than monthly. The lack of website transparency regarding application eligibility requirements and extra card fees can be discouraging.

  1. Lack of website transparency on qualification eligibility and business financial information requirements
  2. Divvy rewards points can drop around 40% if paying bi-weekly and 50-70% when paying monthly
  3. Only able to receive 1.5x reward points on all other purchases even with weekly payments, and only 1x rewards if paying biweekly or monthly.
  4. Extra fees are not disclosed on their website or easy to find


While the Divvy card does not have an annual fee, nor any fees associated with extra cards for employees, there are some hidden fees that are not immediately disclosed on getdivvy.com.

  1. Late payments will cost 2.99% with a $38 minimum
  2. Cross border fees are 0.90% of the total transaction volume
  3. Currency conversion fees are 0.20% of the total transaction volume


The first step in applying for a Divvy credit card is to sign up for a demo of expense management tools. This requires submission of your:

  1. Name, address, and phone number
  2. Company name, number of employees, and job title

The next application step also requires you to provide income and banking details.

  1. Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  2. Financial information from at least one business checking account associated with your business
  3. Option to include financial data from several business bank accounts
  4. Option to upload digital copies of all financial documents requested to speed up the decision process

Based on the information you provide, Divvy will then analyze your business transactions to determine the level of debt you could safely repay in any given month. The maximum credit limit you could get approved for would be no higher than 30% of this number.


When applying for Divvy corporate cards you have to first sign up for their demo, which seems like their pre-screening process. By allowing them to evaluate your business financials and spending habits they can then determine if you can meet their monthly spending requirements to get approval.


Beyond an EIN and a US business checking account, Divvy does not publicly disclose many of their approval requirements. Applicants that are a good fit for Divvy, however, typically meet one or all of these eligibility requirements:

  1. 2+ years in business
  2. 650+ credit score
  3. $500k+ in annual revenue
  4. $20k or more in business bank account

While hitting these benchmarks is not a firm guarantee for approval, they should greatly improve your chances of qualifying for a Divvy credit card. Based on their analyzing business financials in the application process, and mentioning minimum spend requirements it’s also likely they give greater consideration to businesses that can prove to have:

  1. A low income-to-debt ratio
  2. A need to pay monthly bills or online subscriptions via credit card
  3. Having employees that travel or dine out could also help (5-7x bonus rewards)

Credit History

Bank deposits and your company’s ability to pay bills on time seem to carry a lot more weight than history and scores from business credit bureaus. Having operational cash flow is likely to help your application, while business bank account balances in overdraft would be flagged as high-risk.


It should also be noted that Divvy will allow international companies to apply as long as one owner with at least 25% ownership is a US Citizen.

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