Our Extensive Ohana Office Products Net 30 Account Review

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A woman-owned business selling digital software and ebooks that will report positive payment history to your Equifax Business credit profile. Their underwriters offer up a very easy approval process, even for a newly formed LLC. To build business credit with an Ohana net 30 account, you will need to create an order of at least $80 and pay in full within 30 days or less.

How it Works

Gaining approval for an Ohana net 30 account will allow small businesses in the US with good standing to start building business credit right away. New businesses and startups with no trade references or active tradelines are welcome. However, only authorized owners with a 25% or more stake in an active US business entity (minimum of 30 days) can fill out their credit application. Unfortunately, Ohana vendor accounts cannot help with your cash flow as their supplier credit only applies to digital products, not tangible goods you can resell.

Credit Checks

Only a soft business credit check using your Employer Identification Number (EIN) is required. No SSN or personal guarantee is required (No PG), nor will your personal credit scores be reviewed. A DUNS number can be added to the form to speed up the approval process, but it is optional.

Annual Fee

$0. Ohana has no membership tiers, nor do they not require an annual membership fee to keep your net 30 account active. As long you make purchases of $80 or more and pay your invoices on time, they will provide a valuable Equifax trade reference that will help you establish business credit.

Credit Limit

By paying off your initial purchase of $80 or more, an Ohana credit line of $2,000 will be reported to Equifax Business. Accounts in good standing will receive larger credit lines with $1,000 limit bumps for all subsequent orders of $80 or more. i.e. two separate $80 orders = $3,000 limit, three orders = $4,000 limit, etc.

Credit Reporting

For a good payment history to be reflected in your business credit reports, you must make purchases of $80 or more from their digital product library. You will be given 30 days from your invoice date to pay your bills in full. Late payments will negatively impact your business credit score, be so sure to pay on time.

An Ohana vendor account in good standing will receive $2,000 credit line reporting to the Equifax Business credit bureau after your first order of $80 or more is paid in full.

Ohana’s credit reporting date is the last business day of the month. To maximize the business credit-building benefits of purchases, pay your Ohana balance on or shortly after the 1st of the month. This way you would be eligible to receive both current and active Equifax reporting.

Net 30 Products

New members, be aware that your net 30 purchases will be restricted to ordering digital products like ebooks and software. Orders for Ohana office supplies must be paid upfront until your account is well established.

Digital Downloads

Some of the more popular first-purchase options include their Ad Creator, Logo Designer, Quicken Willmaker and Trust software. While not business-related, the Family Tree Heritage Gold product is also a best seller. Ohana also has a Leveraging Net 30 Vendors to Build Credit ebook for sale.

Our tier 1 credit vendors list, tier 2 business credit, and net 30 vendor reporting pages provide free, up-to-date net information on the latest credit-building tradeline trends.

Office Supplies

While Ohana does offer a small selection of office supplies including pens, markers, and filing folders, net 30 payment terms are not available for new customers. Purchasing business supplies from Ohana also requires payment upfront along with having a minimum order restriction of $100.

Their office product selection is also quite small when compared to what Crown Office Supplies offers, let the quality office supply products offered by a Tier 2 credit vendor like Quill. Both of these alternatives also report to Dun & Bradstreet, whereas no reporting of purchases to business credit agencies is mentioned for office product purchases.

If you really want to buy office supplies from Ohana, pay for your purchase with a secured business credit card like the Capital One Spark Classic or a corporate business credit card like BILL Spend and Expense, so you can get D&B reporting.

How to Apply

All small business owners holding a 25% share or more are eligible to apply for net 30 credit from Ohana Office Products. To get started, just register for a business account on Ohana’s website by clicking on the Create an Account link situated in the top right menu.


To pre-qualify for Ohana’s net 30 terms you must have started your US-based business more than a month ago, and have a clean business credit history with no derogatory remarks or collections.

Step 1

Initiate the process by establishing a user ID and password, and then provide your email address. To maintain professionalism, we advise you to use your business name for the user ID and a business email address associated with your company’s website. Use our referral code OOP-P619EI to ensure you’re eligible for special offers.

Step 2

Fill in your company address, legal structure, industry, business phone number, and the date your business started. Inputting your EIN and number of employees comes next. Although optional, including your DUNS# could expedite credit approval.

A professional business address, rather than a residential one, is recommended. Buying a virtual address from services like Opus Virtual Offices can also enhance your business credit history by adding an additional net 30 tradeline.

Step 3

Adding details for the authorized officer of the net 30 account is next. Here you will provide their full name, address, and phone number, along with their date of birth. For account integrity, choose and answer a security question you will remember, then input the captcha code to finalize your credit application.


For most small business owners, Ohana’s credit approval is instantaneous. After finishing your credit app, you’ll see a notice thanking you for registering, along with a warning message that your tradeline is not active. All this means is that you have yet to make a net 30 purchase, and until you do, Ohana will not report anything.

Net 30 Credit

Once your Ohana tradeline is approved, log in to your business account dashboard and select the Net 30 Account button. Then review their selection of digital products and choose which ones you want to purchase to help improve your business credit rating. When browsing the Ohana office supplies online store, do note they require upfront payment until your customer loyalty and business credit scores justify transitioning you to net 30 terms.

Try seeking out multiple-use tools like Ad Creation and Logo Designer software, which offer sustained value over a one-time read ebook. Apply to Coast to Coast Office Supplies too, as they are an easy-approval net 30 vendors who offer office supply purchases on net 30 terms to new members.


When finalizing your purchase, be sure to select the Bill My Net 30 Credit Account option to ensure the use of vendor credit.


If you ever need to touch base, Ohana’s headquarters are located at the Valley Office Plaza on Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, in bustling Los Angeles. You can drop them a quick line via email at support@ohanaofficeproducts.com or via their online contact form, but specific document requests like tax exemption certificates, should be forwarded to sales@ohanaofficeproducts.com.

You can also give them a call at (818) 273-7787 or send over a fax at (818) 275-6630. Keep in mind their business hours when reaching out are 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM PST during weekdays and 9:00 AM – 12 PM PST on Saturdays.

Business Info

Federal ID Number: 83-2907109
SIC Number: 5961 (Primary)
DUNS Number: 11-135-1871
Ownership: Corporation registered in California
Nature of Business: Mail Order Office Supplies
Payment Terms: Net 30 (they also accept all major credit cards and checks)
Product Warranty: Per Manufacturer Terms


Ohana Office Products
15233 Ventura Blvd 5th Floor, Suite 543,
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403


Below you’ll find answers to our most frequently asked questions related to Ohana Office Products’ credit reporting, procedures net 30 account purchases, and our recommendations on invoice payment timing.

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After logging into the member dashboard, click on the red Net 30 Account button. Then choose the digital download you want to purchase, and ensure your total reaches at least $80. When checking out, select the Bill My Net 30 Credit Account option. If you want to make larger orders, order and pay them in full one at a time. Ohana will increase your credit limit by $1,000 for each subsequent $80 order that is paid in full before the next one is placed.

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They send purchase history reports to Equifax Business on the last business day of every month. All purchases of $80 or more qualify for reporting as long your accounts are in good standing, and invoice balances were paid in full before their reporting date.

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No. Of the three major commercial credit bureaus, Ohana only reports to Equifax Business, but they also have no annual fee. Crown Office Supplies is your best bet for full reporting coverage but costs $99 per year. You can also use a combination of The CEO Creative ($49 annually) + Office Garner ($69 one-time) and create two active tradelines that include D&B, Equifax, and Experian Business.

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You can pay Ohana invoices between 1 and 29 days from your purchase date to receive favorable reporting from the Equifax Business credit agency. Always ensure you pay in full before the billing date, because bad credit history will be reported too.

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We recommend placing an order a few days before the last business day of the month and then settling your account within a few days of the new month. This will allow your account to be reported to the Equifax credit bureau as both current and active.

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We recommend placing an order a few days before the last business day of the month and then settling your account within a few days of the new month. This will allow your account to be reported to the Equifax credit bureau as both current and active.

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Call customer support at (818) 273-7787 or email support@ohanaofficeproducts.com if you have relocated or noticed an address discrepancy. Maintaining a consistent name, address, and phone number (NAP), is required for accurate business credit reporting.

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Not that we know of, but loyal customers can try emailing support@ohanaofficeproducts.com or giving them a call at (818) 273-7787 to see if they’ll make an exception.

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No, not by itself. Ohana Office Products is a startup net 30 account that will extend credit to most US business owners. You won’t need a good personal credit score or even a lengthy business credit history, as their main application required is having just 30 days in business.

To obtain a business loan from an alternative lender, you will need to pass a soft personal credit check with a FICO score of 650 or above or show a business bank account that has received monthly payments over the last 90 days of at least $5k per month in gross revenue. What Ohana can do is boost your Equifax Business credit score by reporting your monthly purchases of digital products. When combined with 5-8 other active tradelines, this can put you in a position to get approved for several business credit cards. These can then be utilized to get business loans from banks and credit unions.