Best Business Gas Cards & Fleet Fuel Cards w/ Easy Approval

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The best fleet fuel cards, business gas credit cards, and net 30 gas cards offer nationwide coverage and sizeable discounts on fuel purchases. Fleet managers and small business owners also need to calculate in fuel card fees on eligible net purchases to ensure their maximize their fuel rebates and per gallon savings .

Fleet Cards

Popular among fleet managers these fuel charge cards allow companies to set individual credit limits and combined purchase restrictions for each employee card they hand out.

Most fleet fuel card perks are typically in the form of reward points and per gallon discounts based on monthly fuel purchase volume at affiliated fueling stations.

  1. AtoB Fuel Card
  2. 76 Universal Fuel Card
  3. Chevron Business Access Fuel Card
  4. Shell Small Business Card

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AtoB Fuel Card
Fuel Card

When using AtoB fuel cards to fill up, you’ll save 5 cents per gallon, on every gallon purchased with no discount minimums or limits. What also makes it one of the best fuel cards to save money is the fact that it’s powered by Visa, and that it has no hidden fees whatsoever. 

  • No annual fee or setup fees
  • No monthly fee to keep your account active
  • No per transaction fee when fueling up
  • No over limit fee when exceeding your limit

Because it’s a business Visa gas card, you’ll never have to pay an out-of-network station fee either. Visa is also accepted at 99% of all fueling stations nationwide, which means you’ll have incredible coverage. Even if you want to buy fuel at the cheapest Mom and Pop gas station in the country, as long as they accept Visa, you will save $0.05 per gallon with your AtoB gas card.

If you need additional employee cards or need to replace a lost or stolen card, that too is free. Simply put, you will save money with an AtoB fuel card no matter where you buy gas, you get a discount, and you’ll never have to pay any extra fees whatsoever.

As a loyal AtoB cardholder who pays their bills on time, you’ll also be to use your AtoB Visa to make vehicle-related purchases such as:

  • Maintenance expenses, oil changes, tires, parts, and repairs
  • Road tolls, car washes, and parking
  • Insurance, roadside assistance, and towing services

Fleet managers and companies with multiple vehicles can also use AtoB as a fleet card to monitor employee spending and add purchase control for fuel purchases only. Each transaction is also detailed with Level 3 fueling data including fuel type and volume.

Individual card limits can further be set by card group, team member, or contractor. Limiting unauthorized spending and card misuse is also fairly easy via Telematics integration and SMS Unlock.

On top of all that, there is no personal guarantee, SSN, or personal credit check required to get approved. All you need to apply is your EIN, driver’s license, and to show three months of recent bank statements which play a large role in determining your credit limit. Even small business owners with bad credit can apply for AtoB card membership, as their approval process is based on business cash flow rather than personal credit scores.

AtoB also reports regularly to Experian Business and will do so automatically after you make your first $50 payment. The downside to all this, however, is that Atob cards have a Net 7 billing period, and you’ll have to pay your balance in full each billing cycle. Schedule payments for AotB are also made via ACH withdrawal, which means you’ll have to link to your business checking account.

Pro Tip: If you time your purchases right through, you can turn your AtoB into a Net 15 gas card. Within their billing cycle, if you make a fuel purchase made on the 1st of the month, you won’t get billed until the 8th, and your bill won’t be due until the 15th.


76 Universal Fuel Card
76 Universal
Fuel Card

The Universal Fuel Card from 76 is a gas charge card that offers discounts up to 7 cents per gallon when filling your tank at over 6,8000 eligible 76, Conoco, or Phillips 66 gas stations across the country. You can use also your 76 business gas cards at 95% of gas stations in the US, but reward discounts are not accumulated when fueling up elsewhere.

New members to the 76 fuel card program are also given an introductory offer where they can earn up to 10 cents for each gallon purchased within the first three months.

While there is no annual fee for the 76 fleet card, they do have a $2 per month finance fee and a 28.74% revolving interest rate, so be sure to pay your monthly Net 21 invoices before it’s due.

With the 76 Universal Fuel Card, you can manage cards and driver spending for an entire fleet or just one user. Through your online account, you can set card limits by quantity, location, times per day or week, and type of product.

Purchase activity and financial summary reports can be generated online for download or print with some minor customization options. Customer service is also 24/7 as is cardholder roadside assistance.

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Chevron Texaco Business Access Fuel Card
Chevron Texaco Business Access
Fuel Card

Considered by many fleet managers as the best gas card for traveling long distances, the Chevron and Texaco Business Access Fuel Card works at over 8,000 Chevron-affiliated gas stations in the northwestern, southwestern, and southeastern United States. Cardholders can save up to 6 cents per gallon when topping up at eligible service stations.

The Chevron Access is a business charge card, not a credit card that does not require a personal guarantee when applying but does have a $40 setup fee, and a $2 monthly finance charge. Invoices are issued monthly with payment due in full.

Within your online account, you can set individual employee spending limits and fuel quantity, as well, as, view all purchase activity. Roadside assistance and 24/7 customer service are also included.


Shell Small Business Fuel Card
Shell Small Business
Fuel Card

A revolving credit card, the Shell small business fuel card requires businesses to have annual revenues of $1 million or to remove the personal guarantee. Other small business owners earning less will need good to excellent credit to get approved.

Cardholders can save up to 6 cents per gallon when purchasing fuel at over 14,000 participating Shell stations nationwide. You can also receive discounts on oil changes and preventative maintenance at participating Jiffy Lube locations.

There is no annual fee associated with this particular small business Shell fleet card, and you’ll be allowed to make partial payments or equal monthly payments, as well as, carry a balance just like a revolving credit line.

The Shell Small Business Card also comes with 24/7 customer service and an online account where you can manage fleet purchase controls. create detailed usage reports, or report lost or stolen cards.


Whenever you or your employees need to fill up your tank, you can simply swipe your fuel card instead of paying cash or using other credit cards. Each card is usually linked to a certain fuel provider, such as Exxon Mobile, Conoco, etc., and their network of gas stations.

Your employee can also have their own cards that are linked to the same account, which makes it easy to calculate fuel expenses come tax time.

Reward Cards

If you have good to excellent credit and are willing to offer a personal guarantee you should look into the best business credit cards that offer fuel purchase rewards or savings. Unlike fleet fuel cards, these options are no restriction usage credit cards that offer special member perks when used it pay for gas.

Typically these business credit cards can be used anywhere Visa or MasterCard is accepted and be used to purchase anything you want to buy. Because they’re mainly owned by national banks, you should be able to receive a high credit limit. and get real-time fraud monitoring along with 0% APR balance transfer offers.

These cards are also great for buying gasoline while traveling abroad with as few limitations as possible. Be sure your fuel rewards outweigh the cost of foreign transaction fees though.

  1. Chase Ink Business Cash
  2. U.S. Bank Business Triple Cash

Chase Ink

Chase Ink Business Cash Visa Card
Chase Ink Business Cash
Visa Card

The Chase Ink Business Cash card will give you 2% cashback for gas purchases up to $25,000 total per year. Rather than being based on a normal calendar year, your annual cashback limits are counted as 365 from your account anniversary date.

Aside from fuel purchases, you’ll get a 5% cashback when using your Business Cash card to purchase office supplies or to pay company phone, cable, and internet bills. If you’re able to make purchases that exceed $7,500 total during the first 3 months of opening your new account, you’ll receive a $750 welcome bonus.

While it is one of the best business credit cards that we also highly recommend, the downside for fleet managers is that they won’t be to create periodical reports or add employee fuel purchase limitations.

Easiest Approval
Ohana Office Products
Building credit with Ohana is so easy!
No membership fees, an initial $2,000 credit limited being reported, and a $1,000 limit increase with each $80 invoice paid makes Ohana the best office supply company to start building business credit with.

U.S. Bank

US Bank Business Triple Cash Rewards World Elite MasterCard
US Bank Business World Elite

While the U.S. Bank Business Triple Cash Rewards World Elite MasterCard could not possibly have a longer name it does offer 3% cashback on fuel and restaurant purchases. You can also earn 3% cashback at office supply stores and when making mobile phone service payments on your card.

If you make purchases of any kind that total $4,500 during the first 150 days (5 months) on this business credit card, you’ll be eligible for a $500 cashback reward. The Triple Cash Reward MasterCard also has no annual fee and comes with a 15-month 0% APR introductory offer for new cardholders.

After your intro period expires you will be eligible to receive an APR interest rate as low as 13.99%.

How to Use

As soon as you receive and activate your business gas card with rewards you should immediately start ordering employee cards for all drivers in your company. This way every single gallon purchased on these cards will earn you reward points.

Next, you’ll need to manually set your spending limits and purchase rules for each employee card you order. Finally, we recommend creating strict rules in your company’s HR policy as expected gas card usage and what other eligible purchases employees can make to redeem rewards.

As employees start using your business gas credit cards, be sure you maintain enough cash flow to pay your invoice on time, and in full. Carrying a balance means you’ll be paying interest that will lessen or even fully negate your fuel savings. Late payments may also cause you to lose any reward points and saving earned on your business gas credit card.

Fine Print

Fleet owners looking to purchase fuel at large wholesale blockchain stores like Sam’s Club and Costco will need to read their card’s fine print. Typically, fuel purchases at member-discounted gas stations are excluded from earning rewards.

Fuelling stations that are eligible for cash back rewards are also businesses that specialize in selling automotive gasoline, so truck stops and boat marinas would generally not qualify.

Other business gas credit cards may impose annual limits on the fuel rewards you can earn, so if you buy fuel in large volumes you may need to apply for multiple business credit cards.

This will allow you to extend your purchasing power to your employees, earn rewards on their combined purchases and track their spending. With many cards, you can also impose limits on their purchases. In fact, it’s a good idea to create a written policy outlining what employees are allowed to do with their company credit cards and the consequences for violations.


Below you’ll find answers to our most frequently asked questions about business gas cards and fleet cards, along with business credit cards with cashback offers on gasoline purchases.

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Yes, but only if you can meet the card’s minimum purchase requirements to earn rewards, and can pay your card balance in full each month. The interest rates on business gas cards and fleet fuel cards are typically in the 25-30% range. If carrying a balance, you will lose your reward earnings and then some.

When business fuel cards regularly report to business credit bureaus they can be used as a credit-building stepping stone to obtaining retail store credit cards. This strategy requires that your gas card also reports to Dun & Bradstreet, so you can get a PAYDEX score boost by paying your fuel purchase invoices as early as possible.

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