Wholesale Jewelry Supplies, Stores, and Net 30 Vendors

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Find out how to order chic designer jewelry, brand jewelry collections, gemstones, and wholesale fashion accessories at bulk discount prices. Artisans and boutique shops, retailers, and resellers with e-commerce stores are welcome to apply for wholesale rates with a money-back guarantee or to get supplier credit from our net 60/net 30 jewelry vendors.

Net 30 Vendors

You can build business credit or simply fill out your inventory with wholesale jewelry suppliers that offer up to net 60 terms. Online credit applications are available for most net 30 jewelry vendors, but you can also speak with their credit department or customer service team to meet your special needs.


One of the biggest online wholesale marketplaces for jewelry supplies of all types. They have a wide selection of quality and affordable jewelry for businesses, resellers, and wholesalers. Faire started in 2017 and has developed a huge global community.

Their jewelry section includes everything and every style that you might request. Everything is manufactured in the USA, or Europe, as their philosophy is centered on the local producers everywhere. The pieces are handmade and eco-friendly, and you can also find products that are not sold on Amazon. From earrings, bracelets, and necklaces to watches, belly rings, and face and body chains can be ordered on Faire.

Immediately after opening your account on Faire, you will benefit from wholesale prices, free returns, and free signup and ordering. They grant a net of 60 terms. The 60-day payment period starts after the shipment date, as sometimes it may take even 14 days for your goods to be delivered. In case you don’t qualify for the 60-day crediting period, your invoice on Faire is due after the shipment arrived.

Wholesale Vendors

No matter what pieces you’re looking for, there are jewelry wholesalers out there that can help you fill your store with earrings, necklaces, rings, pendants, or bracelets with trendy and classic designs. You’ll often find vendors with wholesale jewelry supplies to also stock fashion accessories like bags and purses, along with other items you might find in a boutique store.

Pinktown USA

A 100% women-owned wholesale fashion jewelry company with Chicagoland roots, Pinktown has been in business since 2008. Their extensive collection has innovative and affordable fashion pieces, which are trendy, tribal, urban, chunky, and even formal enough for wedding gifts.

Pinktown jewelry is mainly made of copper, silver, gold, black coating, and hematite, adorned with pearls, beds, horns, and gems. The variety is huge in all categories: anklets, bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, bangles, religious jewelry, and designer jewelry.

Wholesale accounts have a $50 minimum purchase requirement. Fast shipping requires ordering by 2PM CT, while purchases over $149 get are shipped free. Drop ship accounts at Pinktown USA have no minimum purchase, but there is a $1.99 handling fee per order, and you’ll need to collect sales tax on these orders.

First orders can also receive up to $100 off, while their reward points program gives business accounts access to discounts and other benefits.

Fashion TIY

They are a huge online wholesale marketplace specializing in jewelry and other fashion accessories, cosmetics, leisure activities, and hobbies. Their purpose is to reunite wholesalers, retailers, and resellers, and gather over 100,000 different products of excellent quality. Their policy includes affordability, as the average price for items is factory-level, 40% lower than the prices brought by the main wholesalers.

In the jewelry section, you will find almost everything that your heart and your clients might desire. From earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, brooches, key chains, body jewelry, hair jewelry, whole sets, and a special section for pieces made of sterling silver.

Dealing with Fashion Tiy will bring you free services, for negotiation, pre-sales, after-sales, quality inspection, or packaging. The only costs you have to cover include the actual price of the order and the shipping fees, either via FedEx, DHL, or UPS. For new customers, there is a $15 off the first order, after registering on the website and receiving the wholesale 15 coupon.

For more benefits, you have to register for the VIP Membership. This system includes priority customer service and 3 exclusive discount coupons per month. You can apply for the VIP online when building your account, or afterward, from the online user center.

If you opt for the dropshipping program developed by Fashion Tiy you must register while placing an order, give your customer’s name, shipping address, and phone, and select the Order Remark option, before making the payment. They are a wholesale jewelry company, located in the NYC fashion area, that has been distributing fashion pieces since 2012. Their focus is on innovative and affordable pieces, which are trendy, tribal, urban, chunky, and even formal.