How to Become a Business Loan Broker: Free Training Guide

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Learn how to grab your share of this trillion-dollar market by helping package deals with loan products that traditional banks can’t offer. By joining our free commercial loan broker program, we can help you gain a sustainable competitive advantage in this lucrative industry with very low startup costs.

Free Training

Small business owners often depend on business finance brokers to link them up with a lender that can provide affordable lines of credit, hard cash, commercial real estate loans, or equipment loans. They are also called commercial finance brokers and ISOs (Independent Sales Organizations). Most lenders also rely on commercial loan brokers to get in touch with prospective borrowers who would be interested in their deals.

If you want to start a commercial finance brokerage company and make a living from it, check out this business loan broker training to guide you on starting your own business loan brokerage company. Even experienced business loan brokers can benefit from this training guide.

Why Work With Us?

Most successful brokers started just where you are today, and many of them paid dearly just to learn the ropes. We’ve seen many loan broker training programs and their sales reps, come and go over the years, and we help make sure you don’t make the same mistakes they did.

While you become a business loan broker today, it will take time and effort before to grow your network before you can log in to your broker portal and start taking loan applications. When you join our business loan broker downline we’ll offer you personalized advice on:

  1. How you can start your loan broker business for free
  2. Best places to get free loan marketing materials
  3. Top free loan broker programs with high commissions
  4. Top alternative lenders with easy approval requirements

On top of this, our free training program will teach you:

  • How to properly network new loans contacts
  • Best ways to profit from your networking efforts
  • Best loan products to offer prospective clients

Broker Training

These free loan broker programs can help you be your own boss with zero industry experience and no license required. The more high-ticket affiliate loan commissions new brokers earn, the faster they can build wealth and obtain their desired lifestyle.

Loan products will vary between different lenders as will loan approval requirements for small businesses, so be sure you watch all of their free training videos soon after signing up. By learning how to help potential clients get their loan applications approved, you can make an excellent choice for all of their funding needs. Also, make sure to download all the free marketing pieces and exclusive content that these loan agent training programs have to offer.

David Allen Capital

Get Free Loan Broker Training from David Allen Capital
Free Broker Training from DAC

DAC has some of the best loan commission payout available and offers an extensive, yet 100% free business loan broker training program too. On top of all that, you can earn a residual lifetime income from the customers and other loan agents you refer.

Loan Commissions

As a starter member with no experience whatsoever, you can earn 4% of the loan amount that any of your clients gets approved for. You can also earn up to 8% if you’re able to two loans funded over a span of 30 days. This means, for every $10,000 that your contacts get loan approval for, you will receive $400 to $800 in loan broker affiliate commissions.

Affiliate Tiers

David Allen Capital also has affiliate tiers for referring other agents, where you receive a recruitment bonus on any other deals that they get funded. DAC’s Enroller Bonus Income Match ranges from 10% to 50%. So, if you refer another loan broker to them who helps one of their clients get a $10,000 loan, you can receive $100-$500, just for being the affiliate who signed them up.

Leadership Overrides

Should you wish to assemble your own affiliate team, DAC also has Leadership Bonus Overrides. Here you can receive a 10-50% income match of all personal commissions earned by your leadership team, as you help them boost their sales, and leadership levels.

Free Broker Training

If you’re wondering if there’s a catch to signing up and getting free loan broker training, no, there is not. Enrollment at DAC is 100% free with no strings attached whatsoever. As a DAC agent, you will NOT be subjected to monthly training fees, nor are you required to sign up to a web host like Wix to host your affiliate pages.

Everything you need to get started as a loan broker can be found in your affiliate dashboard. This includes landing page links with a branded name, email address, phone number, and company/website logo, along with all DAC’s training videos and marketing materials.

How to Apply

Signing up for free only requires confirmation of your email address, and that’s the only step required to get the inside scoop on how to DAC loan products like Merchant Cash Advances and No PG Personal Loans. 

After receiving your login info, you can immediately start watching all of David Allen Capital’s broker training videos. We suggest watching them all, so you can absorb as much information as possible before talking with any potential clients.

Broker Tips

Business loan brokers simply connect entrepreneurs with different business loans and funding programs. As a business loan broker, you are in the relationship-building business, not necessarily in the financing business.

Businesses in need of working capital but can’t get approved by banks will explore alternative lending sources. This is why you must build a relationship with a wide range of financing options because your clients will want to compare and utilize different lending sources.

Some business lenders might specialize in a particular type of loan program, while others may offer multiple options for business owners. Being a broker is more about finding the right fit and less about sales.

As you connect financiers with borrowers, you must implement a pre-screening process that allows you to prepare borrowers to apply for credit lines and business loans.

Build Relationships

Trust is the building block for any successful business. People will rather do business with those who have gained their trust. While marketing and branding will help build your client base, you must implement measures to ensure your prospective clients have confidence in your loan broker business. One strategy you might want to adopt is continual interaction. Be a steady source of information and share your knowledge with them. This will give them a level of confidence that you are an industry leader. And once they see that they can rely on you, you will be their go-to person for expert information, advice, and help. With this, you will gain loyal customers that will rather choose your brokerage over others.


Becoming a successful business loan broker is heavily reliant on your networking ability. You have to be more intentional about networking. You can start your networking from the supply side so that credit unions and banks know that you want to help them make money. Then, proceed to the demand side, where you network and connect people to the funding programs they need.

You must create a system to help you prequalify those ready to get a loan so you won’t waste time on the wrong set of people. Evaluate assets, receivables, and other collaterals, as well as the current state of their credit.

Credit Score

When evaluating a business that needs financing, the first thing you should check is their FICO score and their business credit score. This is very effective in determining whether or not they will repay the lender within the stipulated period of time.

Gross Revenue

If the business you are working with is consistently hitting its monthly or annual revenue goals, it’s a good sign. If they are consistently missing their target, ask them why so you can determine if their numbers will improve.

Loan Purpose

Ask your clients about the intended purpose of the loan and streamline the loan proposal to these purposes. A line of credit is an inappropriate choice of funding for capital investments. Still, many businesses prefer to opt for the line of credit because of the privileges it offers, even though it is a poor funding choice.


Your clients will need to provide financial documents like bank statements, business plans, tax returns, and insurance information. Financiers will want to see the outcome of different standard business ratios, and they will need proof to support the business plan documents.

Loan Types

There are many different types of loans that you can sell to prospects, so it’s best to learn all of your options, who can qualify for them, and why they might be the best option for your client.

Equipment Loans

In some cases, entrepreneurs will need to purchase new equipment, which can be a substantial investment. These types of loans are available for different industries like restaurants and cannabis dispensaries . For heavy machinery and construction equipment, there’s a special option called a heavy equipment loan. Often, the equipment itself serves as the collateral, while the owner will place a 20% down payment on the loan. The lender can claim the machinery if the owner fails to repay as when due.

Construction Loans

Constructing a new building is time-consuming and costly. Most developers might need to apply for a construction loan before they begin working on a new project. Construction loans can be used for businesses and homes, but you should focus on the former as a commercial loan broker. Generally, construction loans have shorter terms and higher interest rates because of the high risk involved.

Invoice Factoring

Cash flow is very important to the continual operation of a company. Businesses with many unpaid invoices need factoring to get the cash they need to stay in business. Factoring companies will pay about 80% of the invoice and then secure the funds directly from the client. Factoring is an ideal option for new businesses because financing can be immediate, and they don’t require a credit check.

Real Estate Loans

Nowadays, investment in real estate is on the rise. Many investors are interested in buying properties that can generate passive income or property they can flip. Real estate loans are specifically designed for real estate investments. Unlike construction loans, real estate credit lines are mostly used for buildings that are already built. Only in rare exceptions will lenders approve such loans for new developments.

Hard Money Loans

Businesses that need access to commercial funding fast or whose loan applications are not approved by the bank will turn to these bridge or hard money loans. Hard money lenders are organizations or individuals that offer cash to entrepreneurs directly. This type of loan is usually funded by private lenders, and not a traditional bank or financial institution.

This is where the relationship you have built will come in helpful. Hard money lending is quite complicated to master because you are acting as the middleman, ensuring all parties are satisfied. Usually, businesses will need to provide collateral upfront. You can also negotiate a favorable interest rate.