How To Find, Interview & Hire the Perfect Wedding Planner

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How do you ensure that everything turns out the way you expect? Well, wedding consultants or planners, as we call them, are ever available to help the future bride and groom organize their elements for the wedding day. They ensure your day goes on without any problems.

Pitfalls in Planning a Wedding Ceremony

Essentially wedding guides coordinate all aspects that we all associate with a wedding, to ensure that everything merges into an organized and integrated as a whole. Usually, wedding guides charge an hour, although some consultants charge a fee of 10 to 20% of the total wedding budget.

As with any work, wedding guides often specialize in a specific niche: some only accept celebrity customers. Others will only take customers whose wedding budget exceeds a certain amount. Nevertheless, many are happy to help an engaged couple in organizing a wedding on a budget. They base their payments on an hourly scale. It’s often complemented by collecting commissions from various florists, photographers and other specialized wedding suppliers whose wedding planner handles delivery to the wedding.

So, if you are already attracted to that, and wonder how to choose one, here is how to hire a wedding planner near you.

Be Decisive After Setting Your Wedding Date

Of course, one of the first things that newly-married couples must do is get used to it! However, after setting the date of the wedding, it’s time to decide on the right wedding planner. You can collect brochures from most stores specializing in wedding products. You can go online and search the local area; a particularly enjoyable way to get into the wedding spirit’s to participate in one of the many wedding fairs that take place in many places. You get them advertised when they reach your area. You can also ask friends for referrals to provide you with the necessary info for your wedding.

Plan To Interview Several Wedding Planners

A crucial stage in hiring a wedding planner after contacting several local wedding guides is to establish a way to talk to them. After all, you must know that you can work with them and need to know that they can work with you. Wedding planning can be very painful, especially when older family members have particular ideas on what you should and should not include in your wedding, so you want to be sure that the wedding organizer you pick will be able to cope with the requirements that are likely to be necessarily thrown in their direction.

To avoid that, you need to plan ahead.

Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Wedding Planner

  1. Do you have a formal education in event planning?
  2. How many weddings have you planned?
  3. How many referals are you willing to offer from past clients?
  4. Why would I hire you over one of your competitors?
  5. Do you double-book weddings?
  6. Do you avail yourself in all meetings with the catering company, location, and other suppliers?
  7. Who supports you? Do you have additional staff and is there an additional fee?
  8. How much time are you planning to spend on my wedding?
  9. Will you personally take part in my wedding?
  10. If you can not take part in my wedding? Who is your backup?
  11. What does your emergency wedding kit contain?
  12. Is there anything you are not willing to do for my wedding?
  13. Do we pay you, then you pay the vendors? Or do we pay the merchants individually?
  14. Do you charge extra for travel or will it be included in your quote?
  15. Do you require a signed contract contract?
  16. Are you able to work on my budget?
  17. Do you need a deposit to start?
  18. Do you charge a first meeting fee?
  19. Are there an additional fees?
  20. When does the final payment need to be made?

The First Meeting With A Wedding Planner

Another of the critical stages of employing people involved in wedding planning is related to a consultant who meets a future groom and assesses their potential budget and the type of wedding they plan. As a result of this meeting, the consultant can advise couples in wedding venues, regardless of whether it’s a church or a civil office, admission places and catering services, not to mention all the other services necessary to make the wedding day perfect.

How To Choose A Wedding Planners Based on References

Compare their performance based on existing references and testimonials. If the wedding organizer has a website, you can check the references listed there (if they exist). We hope that at least one of the opinions should contain a phone number, e-mail address or another form of contact information. Use this information to ask them what their experience with the appropriate wedding organizer was.

If you want to choose a professional wedding organizer based on a higher number of references, consider starting a discussion in the wedding forum. Start the topic “Choosing professional wedding planners” and see what the members suggest.

Make A Final Decision To Hire A Wedding Planner

After you with wedding planners based on referrals, you have to go to the next step to choose the best wedding planner. It involves taking part in a free consultation session if they offer it. During a free consultation session, you will be able to meet them in person and see what they have to offer. Watch out for wedding planners who do not offer free consultations. They could provide excellent services, but without proper implementation, you run the risk of using them. With a free consultation, you know what to expect in advance.

To The Winner Goes The Bride

There is one way to find a wedding planner and get to know the difference between a good wedding planner and a great wedding planner from the moment you open your door. By use of the tips for hiring a wedding planner given, you will see a noticeable wave of confidence flowing from them, a big smile on his face, a firm handshake, a laptop under his arm and a planner bulged with references and photos under the other. They will smell good, they will look better, and they will be someone with whom you will feel immediate friendship. So, mostly you will know them by the look.