Are you sick of living in fear of the coronavirus or bored of being in self-isolation? Then occupy your time with proactive, uplifting things to do while you waiting out the worst of this world pandemic.

Why You Need To Occupy Your Mind

For those who’re used to having work occupy most of their time, it can be a trying experience to suddenly have nothing important to do with your time. While we may often dream of living life without a schedule or deadlines, it can also be quite scary once these things are taken away from you without warning.

Being isolated from friends and family and entertainment options that would normally calm your mind also make living in a time of pandemic even more tiresome.

Uplifting Things to Do While Physical Distancing

Now, if you’re looking for constructive things to do with your time and to keep troublesome thoughts at bay, just browse the list below. Once you start making healthy choices to occupy your mind and your time, it will lessen the burden of living through these troubled times.

Sooth a Worried Mind with Calming Mediations

Just watching the news and seeing a constant rise in the number of coronavirus infections is more than enough to panic even the calmest of minds. It’s become downright impossible NOT to hear it about these days, but you can easily tune it out via or their free smartphone apps (Android or iPhone)

Their free library of meditations has wonderful options to help you sleep, relieve anxiety or stress. They even have meditation music as well as for kids.

If a calming voice is just what the doctor ordered, the meditations with Bethany Auriel-Hagan are definitely worth a listen.

Learn a New Skill That Helps You Work From Home

If there’s one thing good to come from living through a worldwide pandemic, it’s that the definition of a workplace is about to change dramatically. To limit the infection spread, most companies that can do it, will offer employees work from home. If you’re not in a position to do that now, you can still learn a new skill that will help get you ahead of the pack. offers over 100,000 online courses that can get your foot in the door for work-from-home jobs like accounting and book-keeping, marketing and anything IT related.

Learn a New Skill That Can Get You a Better Job

If you’re keen to move up the company ladder, you can also take a course on office productivity or management. How about a top-selling course on Real Estate or Entrepreneurship, as well as how to start your own business.

Learn a New Hobby or Life Skill

If you’d rather just relax while you’re at home why not learn more about advanced photography or learn to play a new instrument. Whatever your choice you make, enjoy it for all it’s worth.

Easily Find Something to Watch on NetFlix of Amazon Prime

Other than commercial breaks on cable TV, there’s nothing more annoying than trying to scroll through online streaming services trying to find something to watch. It’s almost like they’re happier having you waste time trying to find something to watch… rather than … rather than actually watching it.

Well, fear no more, as these websites make it easy to find something to watch as well as let you all the newest arrivals.

If you’re into action, sci-fi or fantasy, you can also check out as their hand-picked catalog of TV Shows and Movies has more than a few hidden gems.

Get a Free Month of YouTube Premium

Do you want to watch music videos or YouTube TV shows to like Cobra Kai without any annoying ads? Do you want to download a few movies while you have fast WiFi and watch them without being connected to the internet?

Then why not sign up to YouTube Premium free for the 1st month so you can easily stream whenever you want for 30 days. whatever video you want and watch it without needing

Rediscover Your Passion for Music on Spotify

Why YouTube is great for watching videos, it not a very good place to discover music. Pretty much every available song you could possibly think of is at your fingertips on Spotify. While you can listen for free, it’s well worth investing in a premium membership ($10 a month/cancel anytime. Their system automatically creates new playlists for you based on the songs and bands you like. It also keep you up-to-date with all new-releases from your favorite bands and similar-sounding artists.

If you’re into alternative or mainstream rock music, you might enjoy a website like which also has a hand-selected catalog of songs.

More Ways to Stream Music Online

You might know it, but Amazon has a ton of songs (2 million) that you can stream for free on Prime Music. If you’re a member of Amazon Prime ($8 per month), you can get the full 50 million song catalog along with Prime Video and speedy delivery from Amazon shipping.

Furthermore, you can also lose yourself in 60 million songs on Apple Music.

Both services usually offer a 30-day free trial, so you can test them out back-to-back without paying a dime.

Learn New Methods/Strategies for Playing the Lottery

Let’s face it… money solves a lot of problems and we all could use more of it now that the coronavirus scare has completely disrupted our lives. Most everyone who plays the lottery though buys quick pick selections, which is by far the most boring way to play the lottery. These random numbers, however, rarely seem to win anything and are so easily purchased it only takes up on a few minutes of your time.

While you might not think the lottery is something you have to learn how to play, it can definitely be a lot more interesting if you do. Websites like take the time to explain what lottery wheels are, and how you can utilize them to guarantee specific prizes when certain numbers appear.

Did you know you could guarantee multiple Match 3 prizes wins in a pick 6 lottery using just 4 lines if ANY 3 of your 8 favorite numbers appear in the draw? This is called a 3if3 guaranteed lottery wheel and it utilizes mathematics to create all possible combinations in a minimal number of lines.

If you’re looking for jackpot guaranteed wheels they have those too with the most affordable one being a 6if6 lottery wheel for 7 numbers which only requires a 7-line ticket. In general, the higher the guarantee or the more numbers you want to wheel, the more lines you’ll be required to play.

If you can dream of gaming the system, it can easily take you mind of what’s going on in the world. Plus, there’s a lot of wheels to choose from under 5 lines, or under 10 lines to keep your hobby costs to a minimum.

Teach Your Dog a New Trick or Two

Being self-isolated doesn’t mean you have to be alone as loved ones are not restricted to the category of being human. A furry companion can go a long way to bringing smiles to your face, but you might be surprised at what they really do all day while you were gone.

If your pet is used to home alone, you might find them to be somewhat disobedient now that you’re in THEIR space. Dogs in general like attention, so you can probably expect them to want more of it now and you’ll also need to find things to occupy their time.

One of the best premium membership websites to humanely teach your dog both obedience and useful tricks is Another good premium site to review is which also included numerous games to increase your dog’s intelligence.

There are also many websites like which include free tutorials on things like dog obedience, funny dog tricks, and reviews of useful dog products.

Crowdsource Away Boredom and Loneliness

If self-isolation and social distancing are wearing you down, why not lift your spirits by joining in on the fun online. There are so many COVID-19 social trends happening daily that everything is being crowdsourced from Bon Jovi songs to DJ parties and quarantine nicknames.

Host a Drive-By Birthday Party

Uplifting Things to Do During COVID-19

Whoever said you couldn’t have an amazing birthday party while staying six-feet apart has never met Amanda Wagner. This travel advisor turned social distance event planner created one of them most memorable COVID-19 birthday parties to date.

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Joyce · March 19, 2020 at 3:17 pm

Interesting, useful and good advice and mind uplifting at this time of concern.


It certainly helps a golden oldie get a good perception about one’s surroundings and what can be done to help oneself and others to stay positive.

Heartfelt thanks from friends and family I have sent your link, so they, too, may relax a bit.


Many Thank-You`s from Greater Toronto, Canada :-)

    Planning Guides · March 19, 2020 at 3:36 pm

    Happy to hear you liked the content! Be sure to check back often as we plan on updating this list whenever we can with more uplifting things to do :-)

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