Previously called Panda Free Antivirus, this amazing anti-virus program installs in just a few minutes and clicks and is light on the system’s resources. It comes in a minimal design that is easy to interact with and maneuver through.

Most of its options are, however, tucked away in its settings option. But from there, you many features to try out and see how best it can protect your PC. You can set up both automatic and on-demand scans to check for any compressed files.

Panda antivirus also has features to scan for potentially unwanted programs which are great. It falls in our list of best free anti-virus programs due to its many additional features which include:

  • Behavioral and analysis scanning options
  • Password protection for the entire application
  • Optional installation for the Panda Safe Web when installing the application
  • USB protection features
  • Exclude particular files from being scanned
  • Automatically emptying the quarantine box

One unique feature the Panda antivirus has is its security news and alerts section that works to show you any critical, warning, or informational messages about security and privacy.

You get to stay ahead of any forms of data breaches and other security breaches that may affect your PC. You can, however, also turn this feature off if you wish to.

Panda does a neat job by ensuring it has all the essential buttons upfront and the advanced features within the menus. It works best on any Windows operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 10.

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