Avira easily ranks top of the table when looking for the best free anti-virus soft in the market. What makes Avira stand out from the rest of the other anti-virus programs is its optional ‘in-the-cloud detection’ feature.

The feature is called Protection Cloud. This feature works to enable Avira’s anti-virus tool to quickly identify and stop any lingering threats before they become a problem.

Aside from automatically detecting and stopping new threats from accessing your computer, Avira also scans and removes any existing threats.

Your computer is always safe at all times.

The program also works to protect its users against Trojans, ransomware, spyware, and many other kinds of malware. The best part is that you can also even choose which ones you want the program to actively monitor, and disable the rest. Other amazing features Avira comes with include:

  • Scheduled scanning
  • Adjusting the scanner’s priority level
  • Scanning the Windows registry
  • Heuristic scanning
  • Scan master boot sectors
  • Searching for rootkits before you start a scan
  • Ignore files on network drives
  • Password protect the program’s settings
  • Make host files read-only
  • Add files and folders to the program’s ignore list
  • Has VPN that encrypts your traffic

The above features only prove that Avira is the best anti-virus application for your computer.

It works in Windows 7 SP1 versions and higher.

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