Avast! is one of the best free anti-virus programs in the world today. Hundreds of millions of computer users have Avast anti-virus installed on their computers.

That only explains that it is a great anti-virus. And with good reason as Avast has enough customizable features to roll heads. Avast has many other features that distinguish it from the other anti-virus programs. It comes packed with security and privacy services.

The program also comes with automatic updates which is great as you no longer have to worry about continually updating. The manual update option is also available if you prefer to update the program manually.

Avast anti-virus also comes with other amazing features which include:

  • Custom scans which you can set to check only for rootkits, the memory, auto-start programs, etc.
  • Silent notifications
  • Fine-tuned heuristics sensitivity
  • Follows shortcuts to scan the real files
  • Scan potentially unwanted programs (PUPs)
  • Windows Explorer context menu integration
  • A rescue disk for Avast that allows you to use the service even if you cannot restart your computer
  • Password protection for particular areas of the program

Before installing Avast, it offers you an option to install other Avast-related security and privacy features and programs that help maximize protection.

They include a software updater, mail shields, Wi-Fi inspector, rescue disk, SafePrice browser, and browser cleaner. It also has a VPN client that comes in handy to protect your IP. A junk file manager and Game Mode which are all excellent features of Avast you can explore.

This anti-virus ranks top of the table when looking at the best anti-virus programs in the market.

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