The Adaware anti-virus installs in just a few minutes and is super-light on the system’s resources. Adaware also has this amazing feature of called “second line of defense.”

When enabled, it can disable its real-time protection features but still let you use its anti-virus features to manually scan for any existing threats. This can come to be handy if your primary anti-virus software cannot find malware which you are sure is affecting your computer.

Adaware anti-virus is great for protecting your computer against viruses, ransomware, spyware, and many other malicious forms of threats that may harm your computer. It also comes with quick, full, and custom scans which are convenient for whichever scan type you prefer to use.

Aside from the features mentioned above, Adaware also has:

  • Scan boot sectors
  • Deep scan which checks the CHM and executable files
  • Scan email databases
  • Scan files that move through the network
  • Smart scan which skips any previously tested files
  • Scan archived files

Adaware also comes with a PIN protection feature which protects other users from uninstalling the program. It also has a gaming mode which allows you to suppress notifications when gaming on your PC.

All these features and more are enough to rank Adaware among the top free anti-virus programs.

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