Lift your spirits and warm your heart with feel-good stories and acts of kindness that showcase the best of humanity during the coronavirus pandemic.

From heartfelt poems to free live concerts and zoo animals taking field trips we offer a wealth of goodness to share, and joy to feel as we navigate the road ahead.

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The Little Free Library That Could

Little Free Library started as a small community book-sharing idea that soon turned into 75,000 little libraries around the world. As schools started to shut down due to the coronavirus, many places like San Diego, CA started turning their #LitteFreeLibrary into little food banks for those in need.

Schools also took up the challenges in places like Milton, WI, Tacoma, WA, and Bexley, OH, while charity organizations did the same in Farmington, NY and Easley, SC. Police Chiefs posted about town kindness in Louisville, KY while neighbors filled the book libraries with #FreeToiletPaper in places like Minneapolis, MN, and Vancouver, BC. One house in Toronto, Ontario even seemed to empty their bar stock for their adult neighbors in need.

While Little Free Libraries have many names, they all have one thing in common… and that’s #NeighborsHelpingNeighbors in a time of need.

Poetry Felt Round The World

Laura Kelly Fanucci from tweeted out a beautiful verse in response to COVID-19. It went viral so quickly that within hours, even Keith Urban retweeted how moved he was by her poem.

Inspirational COVID-19 Stories
Poem by Laura Kelly Fanucci (Better for Each Other)

Musicians Bring The Concert Into Your Living Room

Many musical artists took to social media soon after self-isolation was recommended and they started posting live online concerts and free daily music streams that could easily be enjoyed by everyone.

Some artists, like Sheryl Crow and Melissa Etheridge, started inviting people into their homes for daily jam sessions via Facebook Live. Chris Martin from Coldplay took to posting Twitter Videos and presenting artist challenges to people like John Legend to hop on the bandwagon under that hash #TogetherAtHome. Then more bands such as Evanescence, Bastille and Miley Cyrus started posted their live recordings on Instagram Live.

The websites listed below also track upcoming online concerts, so visitors know when they whose next and what time the show starts!

cNet | Bandwagon | NPR | CBC | Billboard | Vulture

Distilleries Start Giving Away Free Hand Sanitizer

As panic buyers and inhumane product traffickers started raiding store shelves of hand sanitizer (and toilet paper), the average person had a little hope of finding any stock left. As bars and restaurants started to close distilleries were left with a surplus of alcohol, which many decided to quickly turn into hand sanitizer.

Many businesses even offered it for free from Portland to Colorado, Chicago and Texas, as well as, across the border in Calgary, Nova Scotia, and Niagara Falls, Ontario. Those who are starting to charge money are basically flooding the market with cheap hand sanitizer, which will ensure that prices for a COVID-19 necessity are kept low.

For those looking something local, also posted a nice list of distilleries who now produce hand sanitizer. If in need, try calling those in your region who are not listed yet, as you never know.

Animals Start Invading Tourist Attractions and Our Hearts

Leave it to the animals to put some common sense back in the world after self-isolation became more than just a buzzword. It started with a Twitter video or two with penguins from Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium who waddled through greetings on a private tour. Not to be outdone, the penguins of St. Louis Zoo posted a YouTube video of their field trip.

Even museums animals took to social media, as Sue the Trex posted a Twitter video of her jaunt through Chicago’s Field Museum… most likely after binge-watching Night at The Museum on Netflix.

From them on, zoo animals and zookeepers became the masters of their domain by providing virtual, uplifting things to do during self-isolation.

Pollution Levels Plummet in Quarantined Cities

Inspirational COVID-19 Stories

If there’s one person to have benefited the most from the coronavirus pandemic, it’s Mother Earth. In just a few short weeks since the worldwide spread of COVID-19, the changes in our environment have been dramatic.

NASA has shown the air pollution levels have declined dramatically China and most notably over Wuhan after the country went into emergency lockdown. China’s quarantine is said to have saved more than 100 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions from entering the atmosphere.

There have also been similar air-pollution reductions reported across Italy. Due to an absence of boat and cruiseliner traffic, Venice canals and waterways running crystal clear. Social media postings include various YouTube videos including dolphins swimming in Venice, as well as Facebook Groups like Venicia Pulita and posts on Twitter.

Drive-By Birthday Celebrations

Jessica Eaton didn’t want her son Jack to go without a birthday party just because the coronavirus had quarantined her town. Rather than gather birthday goers into a big group though, she consulted with Amanda Wagner, a luxury travel advisor turned neighborhood social distance event planner.

The result was a surprise birthday drive-by caravan of rainbow streamed vehicles wishing Jack a happy birthday! Not only was this an ingenious idea, but it’s also ensured the safety of everyone involved while producing a memory that will last a lifetime. Here are some of the photos posted on Facebook.

Food Donations Turn Up Like Magic

Disneyland kept the magic alive after shutting their gates by tweeting out that they were donating all excess food to the Orange County Food Bank. Then Walt Disney World in Florida followed up donating excess food to Second Harvest Food Bank.


Joyce · March 24, 2020 at 4:28 am

Beautiful and sensitive poem. Written from the heart and speaks directly to the heart.
Thank you for letting me enjoy the poem.
Ontario, Canada

Planning Guides · March 24, 2020 at 4:36 am

That wonderful poem was written by Laura Kelly Fanucci and posted on Instagram [ ]… she also can be found on Twitter [ @laurakfanucci ]

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