The rumors surrounding COVID-19 are ever-growing and seemingly spread faster than the truth. By debunking popular coronavirus myths we can simply get back to focusing on things we can do to fight off this virus and get back to a state of normalcy.

Reliable Website Sources

The World Health Organization Myth Busters page offers both shareable graphics and numerous answers to subjects related to heat and weather. The CDC’s extensive FAQ section are great places to start if you want to ensure you’re getting reliable answers to any internet or urban myth.

Viral Myths

With every day that passes during the coronavirus pandemic, the active cases of new myths about COVID-19 seem to rise as well. Below you’ll find the most common viral unicorns circulating the web and isolation conversations.

Only Old People and Baby Boomers Are at Risk from COVID-19 Infection

Just being young and fit will NOT protect you from the novel coronavirus. In South Korea, people aged 20-29 account for 27% of all COVID-19 cases in South Korea, while people under 40 accounts for 33% of all cases in Canada. As the numbers poor in, more and more of those affected appear to be young and healthy.

In California, the L.A. Times reported an 18-year-old teenager in L.A died from COVID-19. Olympic swimmer and world-class athlete, Cameron van der Burgh has tweeted he’s been struggling with COVID-19 for three weeks. You can see the virus in action here, after the George Washington Hospital released this 3-D video to show a CT scan of COVID-19 lung damage in an otherwise healthy male.

COVID-19 Cannot be Transmitted in Hot and Humid Climates

The evidence to date shows that the COVID-19 virus can quickly spread into ANY environment whether it has hot or cold weather. Worldometer coronavirus statistics show countries like AustraliaBrazil, and Malaysia in the southern hemisphere with a growing number of active cases in the middle of summer.

Cold Weather and Snow Can Kill COVID-19

Regardless of external temperature or winter weather, normal human body temperature hovers around 36.5°C to 37°C.  Worldometer coronavirus statistics again show Nordic countries like Iceland, Norway and Sweden have not fared any better than those in hot and humid climates.

Hot Baths Can Cure COVID-19 Symptoms

Practicing proper hygiene and proper scrubbing and washing your body is essential if you want to limit your chances of contracting COVID-19. Whether your bath water is hot or warm, however, will not affect the coronavirus.

COVID -19 Can be Transmitted Through Mosquito Bites

COVID-19 is a respiratory disease (not mosquito-borne) that is spread through droplets from coughs and sneezes, which a mosquito is highly unlikely to be the source of transmission. Humans have been the only proven transmission source to date, while some animals such as bats have been thought to have first spread it to humans.

The Heat from Hand Dryers Can Kills COVID-19

Heat has little effect on COVID-19, but the act of hand-washing for a prolonged time (20 seconds is recommended) can break down coronavirus cells that may be present on our before washing. Drying your hands thoroughly after via paper towel or dryer, however, is still recommended.

Thermal Scanners Can Effectively Detect COVID-19

A thermal scanner can only read internal body temperature and detect whether it is normal or elevated. It’s a good tool for detecting people with fevers which is a symptom of COVID-19, but also of many other viruses and infections. People who are asymptomatic or those in the incubation stage (2 to 10 days) may not show any outward signs of the disease, but can still spread it, fever or not.

Vaccines for Pneumonia and Influenza Make You Immune To COVID-19

Vaccines are custom-tailored to a specific virus, as well as, specific strains of a specific virus. They are not interchangeable and receiving a pneumococcal vaccine or Haemophilus influenza vaccine with only protect you from these specific respiratory viruses, not COVID-19. That being said, protection against any respiratory illnesses is highly recommended to protect your health.

On a good note, there are now 20+ COVDI-19 vaccines currently in various stages of production throughout the world. With any luck, we could be these vaccines being approved for general public usage sometime in 2021.


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