The combination of self-isolation and social media has produced some wonderful trends during the COVID-19 lockdown helping to improve the lives of people stuck at home. The levels of creativity and heartfelt sharing seems to be boundless and simply reach new heights every single day.

For those looking for daily inspiration, the hashtag #COVIDSocialTrends is a one-stop shop for what’s trending now.

Hope Rocks and We Will Be Okay Rainbows

Signs of a rising spirit of hope have been appearing almost everywhere of late with we will be okay rainbow decorations painted on windows, fences, driveways, pathways, baked goods and even in the snow.  In New Brunswick, Canada, Ça va bien aller / We will be ok Facebook Group gained over 8,000 members in just a few days. On Twitter, the #WeWillBeOkay and #WindowWalk hashtags are now catching on quickly.

Uplifting Trends in COVID-19 Social Media
Collage of Hope Rocks & We Will be Okay Rainbows

Another neat idea gaining ground is hope rocks in the park and hope gardens, which raise the spirits of those walking by. While not specifically related to coronavirus, you can find a lot of rock painting ideas at the Hope Rock Festival Facebook Group and via #HopeRocks on Twitter.

When The Coronavirus Is Over

It’s doubtful there’s anyone left in the world who has not yet be affected by COVID-19, so it’s no surprise as to why #WhenCoronavirusIsOver is trending on Twitter.

While a return to our old lives is welcomed by all, many have been inspired, be thankful, to create change and to improve their lives going forward.

For those wondering where the “the” went, the grammar-friendly hashtag #WhenTheCoronavirusIsOver was soon to follow.

Free Online Concerts & Jam Sessions

The level of intimacy being shared by musical artists has been incredible of late. Impromptu jams and live concerts started appearing online soon after self-isolation and have since turned into daily sessions on social media.

Uplifting Trends in COVID-19 Social Media
Garth Books & Trisha Yearwood Facebook Live Concert

Never have we been able to get so up and close and personal with our favorite artists, as they invite us into their homes and lives. It’s amazing how music can both unite us, as well help us brace to fight the coronavirus together no matter where we are.

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The Quarantine Nickname Game

Elan Gale (@theyearofelan) was in a mood with food and decided to vent his frustrations in the form of an angry chili mango playing a quarantine nickname game.

Uplifting Trends in COVID-19 Social Media
Angry Chili Mango | Quarantine Twitter Post

With a lot of bored banana breads and anxious crackers sitting around with nothing else to do at home it quickly went hilariously viral. Irritated sour patch and tipsy chicken wing soon joined the fray along with the Horny Kit Kat and Exhausted Twinkie who most likely will get arrested soon for leaving a DNA train when breaking quarantine!

Crowdsourcing Coronavirus Song Lyrics

While renowned front-man Jon Bon Jovi is not streaming music daily on social media, he did write a new song about COVID-19. Well, sort of. He posted on Instagram and Facebook that he only wrote part of the lyrics and is now crowdsourcing the rest under the hashtag #dowhatyoucan.

Uplifting Trends in COVID-19 Social Media
Jon Bon Jovi signing Do What You Can on Instagram

We can only hope that he’ll be choosing the best verses from the replies and recording the song or putting up a live COVID-19 concert!

Balcony Block Party Sing-alongs

Inspired by the balcony singers of Italy, Blockclub Chicago brought the windy city a united round of cheers when they hosted their Facebook Event. This Living on a Prayer sing-a-long attracted over 8,000 people joined including Bon Jovi himself with a YouTube video being posted afterward. Even the Bartlett Police Department joined in under the Twitter hashtag #chicagosingalong!

You can follow along to this weekly event held on Instagram with ABC by Jackson Five sing-a-long being next up on Saturday, March 28 at 7pm.

Six Degrees of Physical Distancing

If you’re not already familiar with The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game, then you’re missing out on yet another things to do during isolation.

According to Bacon’s Law, any two people on earth are only six or fewer acquaintances apart. This game is great for movie buffs, so it’s no wonder that the man himself, Kevin Bacon posted the Six Degrees of it on Instagram and has been following it up too.

Uplifting Trends in COVID-19 Social Media
Six Degrees of Self-Isolation | Kevin Bacon Instagram Post

If you can’t stay find a good reason to say stay indoors for yourself, then please, start saying #istayathomefor for the ones your love.

Caravan Birthday Party

The candle has definitely been lit on this trend and it wouldn’t be all that surprising if still happened after the end of COVID-19. This brainchild of Amanda Wagner is a unique event that bakes creativity and neighborly love into a drive-by birthday that everyone involved will always remember.

Uplifting Trends in COVID-19 Social Media
Drive-by Birthday Caravan for Jack Easton

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Quarantine Dating Exit Surveys

While quarantined herself, Hannah (@TribalSpaceCat) decided to go the extra miles for those non-replies by posting a dating exit survey on Twitter. Since everyone else was also stuck at home she got a decent response along with few apologies.

Uplifting Trends in COVID-19 Social Media
Hannah’s Dating Exit Survey @TribalSpaceCat

Since this is a great way to get dating feedback, as well as, guilt someone into a second-date, more and more surveys are popping up on dating site profiles round the world.


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