How to Qualify & Apply for Employee Retention Tax Credit


Learn these ERTC application facts! Even if you received a PPP loan, qualified wages paid to W2 employees during COVID can earn you a refund. Remember that the ERC is also a payroll tax refund, and unlike Payment Protection Plan loans, you will never have to pay it back.


Significant updates were added to the Employee Retention Credit for all income quarters in 2021. Even if your advisor once said you may not qualify, this may no longer be the case. So, don’t let rumors or misinformation guide you, and be sure to get a second opinion before you lose out on this fully refundable tax credit from the IRS.

Even if you had increased gross receipts or you were deemed an essential business during the pandemic, many other factors can determine whether your application gets approved.

Get Approved for an Employee Retention Tax Credit from the IRS
Tax refund up to $26k per employee!

Through the Employee Retention Tax Credit, the IRS grants eligible employers a credit equal to 70% of qualifying wages per W2 employee, PER quarter.

If your business experienced a significant decline in gross receipts or was impacted by government shutdowns due to COVID-19, then let us help you solve the IRS’s refund application puzzle. You can prequalify today, just by answering 8 simple Yes or No questions.

Get Qualified Today

Both essential and non-essential businesses in any industry that were affected by the pandemic can qualify for this payroll tax credit from the IRS. From restaurants with restricted dining or stores with limited capacity to manufacturers having to meet new health and safety regulations, the IRS does not discriminate.

If your business was impacted by COVID in any way, shape, or form you are more likely to qualify than not. Here are some impact examples that could ensure your business is eligible to receive an ERTC refund.

  • Full and partial shutdowns on government orders whether federal, state, or local
  • Limited operational capacity, reduction in goods or services offered
  • Decreased hours of operation, or shifting hours to increase facility sanitation
  • Inability to access equipment or work with your vendors
  • Interrupted operations or supply chains

Qualifying Factors

Beyond the impact listed above, here are a few cut-and-dried qualifying factors that can ensure your Employee Retention Credit (ERC) application gets approved.

  1. 20% drop in quarterly revenue
  2. Numerous projects were delayed or canceled due to COVID-related disruptions
  3. Production timelines were delayed by supply chain disruptions