Best Budget Laptop for Working from Home or Remotely

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Let us help you find top-quality, but cheap Windows laptops with excellent battery life, powerful CPUs, decent RAM, and a good HD display. While most windows laptops have an Intel Core processor these days, use our guide to ensure you don’t settle for one with a low-end Intel Celeron CPU and poor battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2

If you try the Chromebook2 laptop model from Samsung Galaxy you won’t believe that this is actually a budget laptop. From the very first sight to the overall performance it surely doesn’t give users the feel of cheap laptops, despite the fact that it fits into the small budget category. Yet it is among the best budget laptops.

It has a fancy, slick design and great portability, a QLED touchscreen with a sharp aspect. You will definitely appreciate the excellent 13-hour battery life and Intel Core i3-10110U CPU that allows you great speed when you work in Chrome OS. You can also upgrade to an Intel Core i5-10210U.

Some downside that the users frequently complain of is the keyboard with its vertical travel that creates a bothersome shallow curve. However, this is easily correctable as soon enough you will get used to it. It is not so much of an issue when you think about the incredibly small price, less than $500, and all the amazing features, look, ergonomy, and great operating system that it delivers. Among windows laptops, Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 is rightfully considered a smart deal.

Lenovo Duet 3

We couldn’t have missed from our best budget laptops list the Lenovo Duet 3 which is considered an amazing Chrome tablet for only a maximum of $359. It is a follow-up of the also famous cheap laptop Chromebook Duet Lenovo, which was launched in 2020. However, the newer version is better and more capable, for some extra money also, than the previous Lenovo Chrome version.

True, for the new Duet 3 Lenovo you have to pay an extra $100, however it comes with lots of improved features. Among these benefits, we have to mention the 11-inch screen, which is bigger, and brighter. There are also more ports, plus extra power via the beefier Qualcomm Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 chip. You also get a free keyboard cover for the Lenovo Duet 3, which is very useful for keeping your laptop in good condition for long operating life.

Microsoft Surface Go 2

If you are searching for a great Windows tablet on a budget, you should put on your priority list the Microsoft Surface Go 2. It has remarkable performance and it is used as an excellent replacement for a budget laptop, that allows you to do basic browsing. It has a solid battery life, with impressive autonomy for its size.

The basic Microsoft Surface Go 2 is around $299, however, if you also want to purchase the Type-Cover accessory for the tablet, it will take you to $359. It might seem pricey at first sight, but this accessory truly transforms it into a small efficient laptop with a capable operating system and great portability. Too bad that Microsoft Surface Go 2 doesn’t have a backlit keyboard, as it would have been the perfect light device to use when you want to stay in bed and do your work from a comfortable, and relaxing position.

This model is rather for people who want a small-size, 2-in-1 device, that is easy to operate, yet is still very affordable. To maintain its price under $400 you can imagine that its specs are not so powerful. You have to limit your requirements to 4GB RAM and 64GB eMMC storage. It is an excellent option for those who need their budget laptop for tasks like searching the web for information, word processing, email communication, etc.

Lenovo Chromebook Duet

This model from Lenovo is a hybrid tablet, also known as Chromebook. The price is as great as you can get. It is currently on sale and it goes around $189, covering both the tablet itself and the detachable keyboard.

Lenovo Chromebook Duet is the less powerful version of Lenovo Duet 3, however, it is perfect for an even smaller budget. Plus the performance that it provides is quite good. It is powerful enough for all basic operations that you can do on the average tablet these days. As such, the battery life is very good.

Its strong asset is the bright and large display, of 1920 x 1080 which makes it perfect for watching Youtube and all sorts of videos, as well as for emailing and web browsing.

Acer Chromebook Spin 311

This model is the impersonation of the ideal budget Windows laptop. It is small, cheap, and allows you to perform light operations, and play games on it. For its small size, it has an excellent useful keyboard and a solid battery life, enough to encourage you to do your easy work on it daily.

Acer Chromebook Spin 311 is a good option for students, even kids, and for those who need the best portability while traveling a lot. The price is affordable and comparable to other similar Chromebooks.

on for students, even kids, and for those who need the best portability while traveling a lot.

The price is affordable and comparable to other similar Chromebooks.

Apple iPad 2021 with Smart Keyboard

This Apple small-budget laptop might not be the definition of a classic laptop, however, it can perform like one. If equipped with an Apple Smart Keyboard it reaches the same performance as any small-size Windows laptop, and it is at an incredible $449, keyboard included.

For an Apple, this price is really cheap, especially since this device allows you to do email work, and create or edit word documents. Furthermore, you can also do some light video and photo editing. The 2021 Apple iPad might not be the most powerful processing machine out there, however, it occupies a good place in the top budget laptop options. With its good portability, it can become your best partner for simple daily tasks or gameplay at ease.

The benefit of iPad 2021 is the access to the wide Apple ecosystem and the abundance of android apps from the Apple App Store.

Asus Zenbook 13 OLED

Among the best budget laptops on our list, we must mention Zenbook 13 OLED model from Asus. It is the first preference for many that need a capable laptop to do even more complicated tasks yet maintain expenses under 1k bucks.

It has an eye-catching slim, lightweight design, and an attractive display, 1080p OLED. The less impressive features to expect are the absence of a headphone jack, average speakers, and a simple webcam.

The best feature of Zenbook 13 is the battery’s excellent autonomy, which allows you to work almost an entire day without the need to recharge it. It is also appreciated for its ultra-portability unparalleled among all other Windows laptops.