How to Use Home Depot Cards to Build up Your Credit Score


If you shop at Home Depot for tools, supplies, construction products or services, and want to build up business credit or increase your score, applying for a Commercial Account or Revolving Credit Card is in your best interest.

Once approved, you’ll get monthly credit reporting (Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and Equifax), extended 1-year returns, and 60 days of interest-free payments.

On top of that, you’ll get extra perks like employee cards, bonus fuel rewards, and itemized billing.

Account Types

There are two types of Citibank credit cards you can apply for at Home Depot. There is the Commercial Account which is the most common, and easier to qualify for. It has a lower limit and requires payment in full each month. The Revolving Commercial Credit Card, on the other hand, offers a revolving charge where you can simply pay the minimum payment, and let the balance roll over to the following month.

Commercial Account

When you apply for a Home Deport Commercial Account your purchases will be with Net 30 terms where invoiced payments are due in full each month. When paying your invoices on time, you can quickly build up your tradeline credit, as all payments are reports to the major credit bureaus.

Commercial Revolving Charge

Applying for a Home Depot Commercial Revolving Account is more like a applying for credit card, where you can choose to pay your balance in full or pay the minimum monthly payment with interest being added to your balance.


Both cards also come with some added perks, such as:

  • Pay by invoice with no interest up to 60 days on every purchase.
  • One-year, 365 -day return policy (rather than just 3 months for regular customers)
  • All returns are instantly credited to your account
  • Buyer ID Cards allow for authorized users to make purchases
  • You can set individual spending limits of authorized users
  • Easy Purchase Tracking – Track purchases by PO number, job name, or job number
  • Itemized statements organized by product number for both you and your employees
  • Ability to view, manage, and pay your account online
  • Fuel Savings as participating Shell gas stations
  • Pro Xtra Membership
  • No annual fees

Get Approved up for to $50,000 while earning Divvy cash back rewards
Get cash rewards and a $50k limit!

Divvy credit limits are determined by spending ability, not credit scores. Small business owners that can prove steady monthly revenues can apply for a Divvy corporate visa card.

No personal guarantee is required! All cardholders can also earn up to 7x reward points on hotels and 5x on restaurant purchases.

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Personal Guarantee

Depending on your business history/credit standings, you may be required to give a personal guarantee (PG) when applying for either a Commercial Account or a Commercial Revolving Card. In regards to the latter, that’s in reference to Joint & Several Liability.

The rules are quite strict, so unless you qualify, it’s likely to be a requirement if your business: can’t meet their standards.

  • Does not have more than $2MM in annual sales or revenues
  • Is not more than 2 years old
  • Has fewer than 10 employees
  • Is a partnership or proprietorship

Fuel Rewards

Included with each of the Home Depot Cards is the ability to combine billing with a Fuel Rewards card from Shell.  Savings are combined with qualifying purchases at Home Depot, where you’ll earn $0.10 per gallon in fuel rewards for every $100 you spend in-store. Rewards are then posted in your account within 4 business days

There is a saving limit of 20 gallons of fuel per purchase, per vehicle. If your pump total exceeds $75 or more, you’ll need to pay inside.  There is no limit to the amount of savings you can earn. If your savings exceed the price per gallon though, your remaining balance may be used on a future purchase prior to reward expiration.

The expiration date of your fuel rewards is the last day of the month immediately following the month in which they were earned.

If you have multiple Fuel Rewards Cards, do note that they are connected to one account. As in, all cards share the same rewards and they are redeemed on a first-come, first-served basis.

As a footnote, some unbranded diesel and alternative fuels may not be eligible, so be sure to inquire at your local gas station first for eligibility, prior to topping up.


You can further read the Commerical Home Depot Cards FAQs to get in-depth answers on authorized users, information updates, payments, statements, etc.

Bottom Line

Whether you’re a small business contractor or a large company that buys supplies at Home Depot, there is only upside when getting a Commercial Account or Revolving Card.

The extended 1-year return policy is 4x that of a regular customer. Getting 60 days of internet-free payments will free up your daily cash flow. Getting fuel rewards for purchases you already plan to make is a sweet bonus.

Then, when you add on the fact they report transaction history to all the major credit bureaus (Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and Equifax), it’s a no-brainer. These perks are all, 100% positive.

What you don’t want to want to do, is keep a monthly balance and pay their high, 17.99% APR interest rates.

If you need to fund your Home Depot purchases with more than 60-day terms, then you need a better plan. Using 0% APR convenience checks from another credit card will give you a lot more time to pay off your purchase debt.

Another option would be to apply for a 0% intro APR credit card first and then use a balance transfer to pay off your Home Depot Card debt. Depending on the offer, this will give you another 9-15 months of interest-free savings on top of the initial 60 days.