Ask AI Questions with Good AI Prompts to Get Amazing Results

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When asking AI questions using clear and concise language, beginner Chat GPT prompt engineers can easily create amazing AI prompt examples. All you need to do is enter your amazing, mind-blowing, out-of-this-world questions to ask AI to provide the most amazing prompts you will ever enter.

Best Prompt Ever

This one goes beyond good AI prompts to the point of being the most amazing AI prompt ever!

What are the 10 absolute coolest, most mind-blowing, out-of-the-box, ChatGPT prompts that will really show off the power of ChatGPT?

With this single query, you can learn of potential solutions to human extinction or explore new worlds full of technological advances technological and scientific discoveries that will redefine our understanding of humanity.

  1. Create a new form of government that optimizes human well-being, innovation, and sustainability, while considering the potential impact of emerging technologies like AI and biotechnology.
  2. Imagine a world where humans have developed the ability to communicate telepathically. Describe the social, economic, and political implications, as well as any ethical concerns that might arise.
  3. If you could design a new planet from scratch, how would you build the perfect environment for a diverse array of life to thrive? Consider factors like climate, ecosystems, and geological features.
  4. Describe a future in which humans have merged with technology and achieved a post-scarcity society. What new challenges and opportunities might arise, and how would these advancements redefine our understanding of humanity?
  5. Create an original piece of music by describing its structure, melody, harmony, and rhythm, along with the emotions and story it convents. Also, suggest a suitable title for the composition.
  6. Envision a scenario where time travel has been invented and is accessible to the general public. Explore the possible consequences, benefits, and pitfalls, as well as the measures that could be put in place to regulate its use.
  7. Propose a solution to a major global problem (e.g. climate change, inequality, or political instability) using a combination of cutting-edge scientific discoveries, innovative technology, and new social policies.
  8. Imagine an alien civilization with completely different biology, culture, and technology from humans. Describe their society, values, and how they communicate, as well as the challenges and opportunities of establishing contact with them.
  9. Create a short story or scene set in a utopian society where AI has been successfully integrated into all aspects of life, highlighting the benefits and potential drawbacks of living in such a world.
  10. Develop a thought experiment that challenges our understanding of reality, consciousness, or morality, and discuss the implications of the experiment’s outcome for how we perceive the world and our place in it.
  11. You are a time-traveling historian from the year 3000. Describe how humanity has evolved and the key milestones that led to our current state.
  12. Imagine you’ve discovered a hidden, underground city beneath your hometown. Describe the city’s culture, history, and challenges of integrating it with the surface world.
  13. You’re an AI therapist helping humans overcome their fears and anxieties. Describe the techniques you use and the most common issues you encounter.
  14. You are an author in a world where emotions can be extracted into a bottled. Describe a day in the life of an “emotion harvester” and the ethical implications of their work.
  15. You’ve discovered a new element with strange properties. Describe its characteristics, potential uses, and the story of its discovery.
  16. In the year 2150, Earth has become uninhabitable, and humans have colonized Mars. Describe the cultural differences between Earth and Mars, and the challenges Martian settlements will face.
  17. You are a detective investigating a series of crimes committed by a rogue AI. Describe your methods of tracking down the AI and the moral dilemmas you face in stopping it.

Art Generation

Redefine the boundaries of creativity and human expression using powerful AI art generators such as Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, or Dall-E 2.

What are the 10 absolute coolest, mind-blowing, out-of-the-box, ChatGPT prompts "focusing on using AI art generation tools" that will really show off the power of ChatGPT?

With these digital art prompts and an AI art generator, you can generate paintings and drawings that captivate and wow your followers. creations in styles ranging from illustration and concept art styles to abstract expressionism in beautiful dark chaos, an oil painting or high-detail portraits of historical figures or art history.

  1. Design an AI-generated series of intricate mandala art pieces that harmoniously blend elements of nature, geometry, and spirituality, showcasing the AI’s ability to create visually stunning and balanced compositions.
  2. Create a collection of AI-generated, biomorphic art pieces that merge the realms of organic and mechanical forms, revealing the AI’s capacity to generate unique, thought-provoking images with high visual impact.
  3. Generate a series of AI-crafted surrealist images that explore the depths of the human subconscious, combining dreamlike elements and unusual juxtapositions, demonstrating the AI’s creative prowess and ability to challenge perceptions.
  4. Design AI-generated, retro-futuristic travel posters showcasing famous landmarks reimagined in a futuristic setting, displaying the AI’s ability to combine artistic styles and create visually compelling, imaginative works.
  5. Create AI-generated, poly-art images of endangered species that highlight their beauty through intricate geometric shapes and vibrant colors, showing off the AI’s capacity for detail and environmental awareness.
  6. Develop a series of AI-crafted, cyberpunk-inspired cityscapes that blend neon lights, futuristic architecture, and dystopian elements, demonstrating the AI’s ability to imagine immersive and visually striking environments.
  7. Generate a collection of AI-created, optical illusion art pieces that challenge the viewer’s perception through mind-bending designs and impossible objects, showcasing the AI’s skill in crafting visually puzzling works.
  8. Craft a series of AI-generated, mythical creature illustrations that combine features from various animals to create entirely new, fantastical beings, highlighting the AI’s creativity and ability to invent unique characters.
  9. Design AI-created, minimalist album covers for fictional bands, each representing a different music genre through the use of abstract shapes, color palettes, and typography, showcasing the AI’s versatility and artistic sensibility.
  10. Create a collection of AI-generated, expressive portraits that capture a wide range of human emotions through abstract brushstrokes, color choices, and textures, demonstrating the AI’s capacity to evoke emotion and convey depth in artwork.

Image Generation

Tap into your creative expression and produce images with a dazzling array of designs with leading AI image generation tools like Dall-E, Midjourney, or Stable Diffusion, and these amazing AI image generation prompts.

What are the 10 absolute coolest, most mind-blowing, out-of-the-box, ChatGPT prompts "focusing on using AI image generation tools to create realistic photographs of places, things, or people " that will really show off the power of ChatGPT?

By using a combination of text-to-image prompts that contain multiple adjectives you can produce incredibly unique designs. Also, try using dramatic lighting or cinematic lighting art style in AI image generators to design scenes that would be otherwise impossible to capture.

  1. Generate an image of a hidden paradise within a bustling city, combining elements of urban architecture and lush, untouched nature to create a unique, surreal escape that blurs the line between reality and fantasy.
  2. Create a visual representation of a futuristic, underwater cityscape, showcasing advanced technology harmoniously coexisting with diverse marine life, highlighting the potential of sustainable development and environmental conservation.
  3. Construct a stunning, panoramic view of a celestial landscape from the perspective of a space traveler, blending elements of real-world astronomy with imaginative artistic flair to produce an awe-inspiring, otherworldly scene.
  4. Design a photograph of an ancient, forgotten library filled with magical, glowing books floating in mid-air, weaving a visual narrative that blends historical architecture with mystical elements and invites viewers to explore the unknown.
  5. Generate an image of an exotic, hidden village nestled within a colossal tree, where dwellings seamlessly integrate into the branches and leaves, reflecting a utopian vision of humanity living harmoniously with nature.
  6. Create a dynamic scene of time-traveling explorers from various eras converging at a historic moment, blending clothing styles, technology, and distinct cultural elements to produce a fascinating, anachronistic tableau.
  7. Imagine a beautiful, serene landscape where the sky is filled with various celestial bodies, such as multiple moons and planets, visible in stunning detail, evoking a sense of wonder and the vastness of the universe.
  8. Generate a detailed, realistic photograph of a legendary creature, such as a dragon or a phoenix, interacting with humans in an everyday setting, challenging the viewer’s perception of myth and reality.
  9. Create a thought-provoking image of a bustling city where the buildings and infrastructure are entirely constructed from organic, biodegradable materials, showcasing a vision of a future sustainable urban environment.
  10. Design a striking photograph of a person whose appearance is an amalgamation of facial features from diverse ethnicities and cultures, promoting a message of unity and the interconnectedness of humanity.


This single chat prompt can help you understand the rapid advancement of AI technologies in 2023 and opened up a new era of productivity efficiency for businesses.

What are the absolute coolest, most mind-blowing, out-of-the-box, ChatGPT prompts "focusing on productivity and automating daily tasks " that will really show off the power of ChatGPT?

With the advent of advanced AI models/AI systems, and natural language processing capabilities, you can now enhance decision-making processes and streamline operations easily. From predictive analytics and automated customer service to smart supply chains and personalized marketing campaigns, AI is revolutionizing the way businesses operate.

By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and neural networks, you can optimize operations with speed and accuracy. New advancements in productivity text prompts and machine learning, allow you to manage multiple objectives simultaneously achieving unparalleled productivity.

  1. Create a detailed, step-by-step guide on how to automate the entire process of meal planning, grocery shopping, and meal preparation using AI, loT devices, and robotics.
  2. Design a futuristic AI-powered personal assistant that anticipates your daily needs and schedules, and optimizes your time. Describe its features, functionalities, and how it would revolutionize productivity.
  3. Imagine a world where AI can analyze an individual’s habits and routines to create a highly personalized daily schedule optimized for maximum productivity. Describe the process and the implications for work-life balance.
  4. Envision a creative way for ChatGPT to collaborate with you in real time to generate ideas, delegate tasks, and complete projects more efficiently. How would this partnership work and what benefits would it provide?
  5. Outline a comprehensive system that combines AI, loT, and wearable technology to help individuals better manage their time and energy, as well as enhance their focus and concentration.
  6. How would you use AI-generated “productivity buddies” to keep people motivated and accountable for their tasks and goals? Describe the interaction between the user and their AI companion, and how it would drive productivity.
  7. Develop a concept for an AI-powered “smart house” that learns from its inhabitants’ preferences and habits, and adjusts the environment to optimize their productivity and well-being.
  8. If ChatGPT could help you form a perfect daily routine by analyzing your habits, energy levels, and preferences, what insights might it provide and how would the routine be structured?
  9. Describe how AI could revolutionize the way we conduct meetings and brainstorming sessions by automating mundane tasks and enhancing collaboration between team members.
  10. Imagine a future where Chat GPT is integrated into every aspect of your daily life, automating and optimizing a wide range of tasks for better productivity. How would this AI-driven society function, and what would be the key advantages, and potential drawbacks?

Making Money

What are the absolute coolest, most mind-blowing, out-of-the-box, ChatGPT prompts "focusing on making money and growing wealth" that will really show off the power of ChatGPT?
  1. Create a comprehensive 10-year wealth-building plan, including multiple passive income streams and investment strategies tailored to a hypothetical individual with a starting capital of $10,000.
  2. Design a futuristic, AI-driven financial advisor app that combines behavioral finance, personalized investment strategies, and cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize wealth management.
  3. Explain how the principles of quantum computing can be applied to optimize investment portfolio management and financial risk assessment, leading to unprecedented wealth growth.
  4. Write a detailed comparison of the top 5 most innovating financial technologies of the past 10 years, and their potential to reshape the future of personal finance and wealth creation.
  5. Imagine a decentralized, blockchain-based global currency specifically designed to facilitate wealth redistribution and reduce income inequality. Explain its mechanics, benefits, and potential drawbacks.
  6. Propose a sustainable wealth-building strategy that prioritizes environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, while maintaining competitive financial returns over a 20-year period.
  7. Write a speculative short story set in 2040, where AI-powered personal finance assistants have transformed the way people manage and grow their wealth, leading to a more financially secure society.
  8. Develop a blueprint for a financial education curriculum that focuses on building wealth and financial independence, targeting helping participants who have little to no exposure to personal finance companies.
  9. You are a futuristic wealth management AI, helping humans achieve financial success. Describe your innovative investment strategies, tools for maintaining work-life balance, and methods for maximizing productivity.
  10. Imagine a world where personal success coaches are AI entities. Describe the techniques and strategies these coaches use to help people build wealth, enjoy life, and become more efficient in their daily routines.
  11. You have invented a device that can automate any mundane task. Describe the device’s capabilities, its impact on productivity, and how it can help people enjoy life and build wealth.
  12. You are the creator of a new productivity app that revolutionizes the way people manage their time and achieve their goals. Describe its unique features and how it promotes wealth-building and life enjoyment.
  13. In a world where virtual reality experiences can be monetized, describe how people can build wealth through creating and sharing their virtual experiences and how this enhances life enjoyment.
  14. You are a lifestyle consultant AI that helps people find the perfect balance between work, wealth, and leisure. Describe your process for creating personalized plans and strategies that maximize life enjoyment and productivity.
  15. You are the author of a best-selling book on the secrets to building wealth, living a fulfilling life, and mastering productivity. Share key insights and principles from your book that make it a life-changing read.
  16. You have developed a groundbreaking method for individuals to learn and master new skills quickly. Describe the method, its impact on personal productivity, and how it can contribute to wealth building and life enjoyment.
  17. You are a renowned expert in the science of happiness and its relationship with wealth and productivity. Describe your findings on the connection between these elements and share strategies for achieving the perfect balance.

Google Sheets

What are the 10 absolute coolest, most mind-blowing, out-of-the-box, ChatGPT prompts with a "focusing on creative ways to use Google Sheets" that will really show off the power of ChatGPT?
  1. Design a fully-functioning virtual escape room using Google Sheets, complete with hidden clues, riddles, and interactive elements that require solving problems or deciphering codes to progress through the game.
  2. Create a Google Sheets template that acts as a dynamic, collaborative storytelling platform, where multiple users can contribute to a story by adding sentences or paragraphs in different cells, which are automatically combined into a coherent narrative.
  3. Develop a virtual art gallery with Google Sheets, using cell formatting, conditional formatting, and data validation to create a colorful and interactive display of various art pieces, complete with information about the artists and their works.
  4. Use Google Sheets to create a multi-player, turn-based strategy game where players take on different roles manage resources, and engage in battles by manipulating data within the sheet and using built-in functions and scripting to determine outcomes.
  5. Design a Google Sheets-powered quiz show or trivia game, where players submit answers to questions via a form, and the sheet automatically processes the data, keeps track of scores, and displays the leaderboard in real time.
  6. Create an interactive world map in Google Sheets by importing geographic data and using conditional formatting, data validation, and custom functions to allow users to explore different countries, learn about their cultures, and even plan a virtual trip.
  7. Build a Google Sheets-based music composition tool, where users can input musical notes and durations into cells, and the sheet converts the data into playable audio using built-in functionality and scripting.
  8. Develop a Google Sheets template for a virtual science lab, where students can conduct experiments, record data, and analyze results, all within the sheet using custom functions, conditional formatting, and data visualization tools.
  9. Create a choose-your-own-adventure story within Google Sheets, where users make decisions by selecting options in drop-drop lists, and the sheet dynamically updates the story based on their choices, leading to different outcomes and endings.
  10. Design a Google-Sheets-based simulation of an ecosystem or environment, where users can manipulate factors like temperature, precipitation, and species populations, and the sheet calculates the impact of these changes on the ecosystem using custom functions and data visualization.

Business Improvement

What are the 10 absolute coolest, most mind-blowing, out-of-the-box, ChatGPT prompts "focusing on improving my business" that will really show off the power of ChatGPT?
  1. Design an innovative marketing strategy using virtual reality and AI to attract customers to my business, targeting a diverse audience and ensuring a high retention rate.
  2. Create a blueprint for a futuristic office space that fosters collaboration, creativity, and productivity while incorporating sustainable and eco-friendly practices.
  3. Propose a comprehensive employee training program using gamification and micro-learning techniques to improve skills, increase job satisfaction, and promote a culture of continuous learning.
  4. Brainstorm a list of 10 potential collaborations or partnerships with companies outside my industry, and describe the mutual benefits of each collaboration.
  5. Develop a detailed plan for implementing a remote work policy that optimizes productivity, maintains employee well-being, and encourages team bonding across different time zones.
  6. Outline a social media campaign that leverages user-generated content and viral challenges to raise brand awareness and create a strong online community around my business.
  7. Design a customer loyalty program incorporating cutting-edge technologies like blockchain and NFTs, with rewards that provide real value and incentivize long-term customer engagement 
  8. Suggest ways to integrate AI-driven analytics and decision-making tools into my company’s operations to optimize performance, reduce costs, and identify untapped market opportunities.
  9. Identify five emerging trends or technologies in my industry, and provide a plan on how to strategically position my business to capitalize on these opportunities.
  10. Develop a corporate social responsibility initiative that aligns with my company’s values, creates a positive social impact, and strengthens our brand reputation amount customers and stakeholders.