Create Amazing Song Collections with Playlist AI & ChatGPT

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With just a few GPT-4 prompts combined with your listening history, you can craft unique music playlists on Spotify, Amazon Music, or Deezer. Just open a new chat after installing PlaylistAI in the OpenAI plugin store to start exploring new tunes and compiling custom track lists.

What is Playlist AI

It’s a music playlist creator plugin for ChatGPT that leverages artificial intelligence to generate fresh song lists. First, you connect your music account, then submit a few queries about the type of playlists you want to create, favorite songs, or preferred genres. You can also build a new tracklist based on existing music collections.

How to Install

Since Playlist AI is a plugin, you’ll first need a ChatGPT Plus subscription to gain access. Free GPT access will not work. After logging in to your ChatGPT account, click on new chat, hover over GPT-4, and select Plugins.


If you’re a Plus member but do not see this option. Go into your account settings, click on the Beta Features tab, and make sure your GPT Plugins access is turned on (green switch).


If you’re a first-time user or if the plugin isn’t visible, click on no plugins enabled before starting your chat. Then scroll down until you see the link to the Plugin store. Click on it, and then use the search function in the new window that opens to find Playlist AI. Lastly, select and install the PlaylistAI: Spotify, Amazon, or Deezer option where you want to upload your new song list.


To complete the plugin installation, you must first log in to Spotify, Amazon, or Deezer to confirm your credentials. Once permission is granted for the PlaylistAI plugin to access your music account, you’re ready to create playlists using AI.

How to Use

Once the PlaylistAI plugin is installed, you’ll find it in the plugin section upon hovering over the GPT 4 button. Ensure it’s selected (indicated by a tick) before starting a new chat session.


Begin your AI playlist creation by providing ChatGPT with clear instructions, such as:

  • Create a list of the top alternative rock songs of 2023
  • Suggest tracks for a calm evening at home with Spanish guitar music
  • Compile a high-energy workout playlist that will keep me pumped up and motivated

Once you submit your preferences, ChatGPT will generate a 10-song playlist. A link will be provided for immediate listening, and it will also become a part of your music library. If you want to change the duration, refine your request with a desired tracklist length or number of songs.


The free version of Playlist AI will only let you create a maximum of three playlists. Users are then prompted to opt for a paid subscription, priced at approximately $4 monthly or $30 annually.

iPhone App

For those without a ChatGPT Plus subscription, you can still use the PlaylistAI app by installing it in the Apple Store. While its AI capabilities are more limited, commands like “Early 2000’s pop music”, “Working out at the gym, rap”, or “Music similar to Taylor Swift and Joji” will provide unique playlist suggestions.

You can also draw inspiration by uploading images, such as a music festival lineup, or TikTok videos with multiple songs. The app will then generate playlists based on the artists found within. You can also craft personalized collections featuring your top tracks or super-long playlists from artists in your listening history.

Phone + GPT

First, start a new chat in your mobile browser with PlaylistAI enabled and curate your new song list. Next, open your music player app and click the playlist link from your GPT chat, allowing it to play within the app.


Below you’ll find answers to our most frequently asked questions about using the Playlist AI ChatGPT plugin to create music playlists.

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No, they only offer a free trial where you can create up to three playlists before having to pay for a monthly ($4) or an annual ($40) subscription.

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While the first three playlists are free, upgrading to a premium account ($4 per month/$40 per year) is required thereafter.

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Yes, it was released in 2022. ChatGPT Plus members can install it via the OpenAI plugin store, but only the first three playlists are free. After that, you will have to become paid for a subscription ($4-$40+).

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Yes, it’s available in the App Store under the name AI Playlist Maker: PlaylistAI. In-app purchase prices range from $4-$40 for single users and $100 per year for their family pack.

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No, not yet. To stay informed about the latest releases and product updates, subscribe to the PlaylistAI App newsletter on Substack.

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Yes, and with the PlaylistAI plugin, they can be uploaded directly to your account. After visiting the OpenAI plugin store to install it, do note only the three playlists are free. Afterward, upgrading to the Pro version at $4 per month or $30 per year is required.