16 Best ChatGPT Plugins That Enable Users to Automate Tasks

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Amplify the capabilities of this popular AI chatbot platform by utilizing these third-party services found in the ChatGPT plugins store. They will enable chatgpt users real-time data analysis and the ability to browse web pages while connecting chatGPT users to a host

Amplify the capabilities of this popular AI chatbot platform by utilizing these third-party services found in the ChatGPT plugins store. They will enable chatgpt users real-time data analysis and the ability to browse web pages while connecting chatGPT users to a host of external applications.


ChatGPT, though remarkable in its conversational AI capabilities, faces certain limitations. These include outdated responses limited to text and a lack of real-time data. While ChatGPT Chrome extensions can enable users to solve some of these problems, using plugins with a direct link to the AI can produce better results.

For instance, the Web Browsing plugin overcomes OpenAI’s restriction to prevent external internet access and provides updated responses based on current events or recently updated information.

The code interpreter plugin reduces coding errors by testing in a live environment. Third-party plugins like Zapier, Slack, Instacart, OpenTable, and the Wolfram ChatGPT plugin act as the eyes and ears while streamlining mundane tasks and allowing the AI to execute code.


With an ever-increasing supply of third-party chatGPT plugins, you are now able to combine to forces of external tools found in the ChatGPT plugin store to perform tasks and calculations it normally could not do. While most of these plugins are free, a ChatGPT Plus account account is required to access, while those who use ChatGPT for free cannot.

Web Requests

This plugin enables ChatGPT to browse a webpage and compile a response based on the latest news or most accurate information. While previous ChatGPT plugins for website browsing that used the Microsoft Bing Search API no longer are available, newer third-party plugins using Google Search can fetch up-to-date information. You can also add a website link to answer your chat query and it will use it as a source.


Merge the text generation capabilities of ChatGPT with the computational power of the Wolfram plugin. Extract curated knowledge, run computations, and access real-time data sets. Users can also directly interact with WolframAlpha and Wolfram Cloud, making complex problems solvable right from ChatGPT’s responses. This plugin effectively enhances ChatGPT’s abilities by infusing it with Wolfram access computation.

Code Interpreter

This tool operates in a sandboxed and firewalled execution environment, which is essential for ensuring the secure execution of code during uploads and downloads. Utilizing the Code Interpreter plugin, the system evaluates and executes code in a persistent session that remains active for the span of a chat conversation, capping at a predefined timeout limit.

The Code Interpreter plugin showcases its prowess in mathematical problem-solving, qualitative and quantitative data analysis, and visualization. This feature-rich plugin supports the transfer of files to the current workspace and file format conversion, and streamlines workflows with incredible ease.


Unlock the true potential of automation with the Zapier ChatGPT plugin. With this tool, you can connect with over 5,000 apps like Google Sheets, Gmail, and many other applications. Experience real-world use cases of automating tasks directly within ChatGPT’s interface, without the hassle of context switching. This plugin enables access to platforms like Slack, allowing users to perform tasks or send automated emails seamlessly. Given its extensive functionality, expect a slight learning curve as you navigate through Zapier functions.


Leverage AI to supercharge your communication on Slack. The Slack ChatGPT Chrome extension streamlines your interactions, acting as a bridge between ChatGPT’s interface and Slack. Draft emails, manage your schedule, and handle uploads of your documents efficiently. This third-party plugin aims to transform ChatGPT into your go-to AI chatbot for professional needs.


Introduce voice interactions to your ChatGPT sessions with the Speak plugin. This AI tool allows users to communicate with the model using natural speech, ensuring an intuitive experience. The aim? To expand ChatGPT’s accessibility and provide users with a natural interface for their AI-powered discussions.


A robust open-source retrieval plugin, allowing developers to craft their rendition and integrate it with other ChatGPT plugins. By leveraging OpenAI embeddings, this plugin provides an interface for developers to select and create a suitable vector database for the indexing and searching of documents. Information resources can be synchronized via the Retrieval ChatGPT plugin efficiently with a database, utilizing webhooks to keep data up-to-date and relevant.

For ChatGPT users, the retrieval plugin offers the convenience of retrieving the most relevant document snippets from a plethora of data sources such as files, notes, emails, websites, or even public documentation. This process maintains a stringent level of data integrity, minimizing external effects. A key consideration here is the focus on data authorization and privacy, safeguarding users’ information, and ensuring lawful content utilization within the ChatGPT sessions.


Consider this your centralized hub for all things travel planning-related. The Expedia plugin facilitates the research of travel expenses and recommends resorts and activities in the vicinity based on your responses to a series of follow-up questions. Utilizing real-time data analysis and code-based calculations, it curates personalized options influenced by the user’s preferences. These suggestions undergo dynamic updates as users refine their likes, focusing on elements such as preferred amenities or travel schedules.

Personalize your experience further with detailed options emphasizing selected amenities or uncovering the main attractions and features of a destination. Delve into specifics like the flight duration, ticket pricing, and available discounts to craft your own version of the perfect getaway.


Activate your strategic thinking with this intelligent tool that grants you the ability to morph insights into actionable blueprints swiftly. Be at the vanguard of legal, policy, and regulatory data transformations, the FiscalNote ChatGPT plugin will ensure you make decisions grounded in the latest developments.

Harness the integration with ChatGPT, a portal where you can converse with FiscalNote in a chat layout, posing any inquiries you might have and procuring prompt and customized responses. As you engage more with the, FiscalNote adeptly fine-tunes its algorithm, delivering progressively precise and pertinent data, customized to individual user’s requirements.


Transform your culinary planning predicaments into immediate creativity and satisfaction with this plugin. Navigate to the ChatGPT store on your browser and spot the carrot emblem. Then pose open-ended culinary queries or seek inspiration for particular food types with the Instacart ChatGPT plugin. It will now eagerly suggest recipes and meals aligned with your desires, enabling you to incorporate all the essential ingredients into your Instacart cart.


This online travel booking site is gearing up to capitalize on AI to provide more tailored and user-friendly searches. Currently, you can formulate travel queries utilizing natural language, and procure personalized travel advice. Picture this: a user inquires, for example, “What are the secluded spots to explore in Bali for thrill-seekers?” and receives a bespoke response, thanks to Kayak’s intelligent language model integration.


Step into the future of personalized shopping assistance, by drawing an array of products pertinent to the user’s request. Klarna’s browsing plugin will allow you then engage with the recommended product links, and use their search and compare tool. Here you can compare prices across its network of 500,000 retail allies.


An AI wingman created for parents seeking to navigate family turmoil and daily domestic duties with grace. Currently, in its beta phase and available at no cost, Powered by GPT-4, the Milo plugin adeptly categorizes and forwards information to the necessary channels, honing its skills based on the feedback received.

Milo is proficient in managing SMS threads, emails, video, screenshots, or images from whiteboards, transmuting them into a structured oasis of sanity, accessible to partners, grandparents, caregivers, and those in the loop. Pose questions like, “Hey Milo, which household duties are awaiting completion today?” and the plugin will source all pertinent data from your account, and construct a comprehensive to-do list.


A blend of AI and dining to search for restaurant recommendations, directly link to their reservations page and explore their offerings, such as kids menus or Chef specials. With the OpenTable ChatGPT plugin enabled, you even ask about seasonal dishes, music events, private events, special cakes, loyalty programs, or window reservations. Want to know about their vegan, gluten-free options, corkage fee, or if you can reserve a window seat? Just ask.


Revamp your shopping experience with the Shopify ChatGPT plugin. Gain AI-powered recommendations based on your browsing history and favorites. Check the status of an order, add items to a cart, or initiate a checkout process, all from a seamless interface. Transform your online shops’ interactions with this innovative AI chatbot integration.

Roam Research

Dive deep into personalized learning with Roam Research’s ChatGPT plugin. Enter your topic of interest and let the tool generate a learning game plan tailored to your needs. This interactive AI tool leverages the capabilities of large language models, optimizing your learning journey with ChatGPT’s curated knowledge.