How to Use Chat GPT for Free + Low-Price Alternatives

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A free OpenAI account will provide unlimited ChatGPT 3.5 access, but these other GPT-4 and GPT-like options are worth looking into. We also identified several low-priced alternatives to access more GPT-4 AI models with very affordable pricing.

Why ChatGPT?

The AI technology evolution has led us to GPT-4, and a whole slew of AI applications now offer access to GPT-4-like capabilities that generate human-like text. While numerous platforms provide robust AI tools for content creation and text generation, most of them utilize ChatGPT API services in their cutting-edge AI models.

Google Bard’s large language model is currently playing catch up, while ChatGPT-4 is leading the pack. If you want to learn how to be a prompt engineer, then it’s best to start now while these cheap access to OpenAI’s chatGPT, and other free AI services with human trainers still exist.

Free ChatGPT-4

Below we present the best free Chat GPT alternatives and provide an overview of how best to use each of these AI-powered platforms. Typically these chatbots will reject inappropriate requests and have certain usage limits.

Bing Chat GPT

Both Google or Microsoft account holders can easily harness the full power of GPT-4 through Bing AI Chat, but you have to download the Microsoft Edge browser first. The Bing AI chatbot combines live internet search capabilities with personalized conversations. It allows you to explore the benefits of virtual assistant integration using real-time information without the need for a paid subscription. Bing intelligent chatbot also provides GPT-4 access through web pages and is also free to use as a search engine.

Bing Chat Bot

Bing in Skype

This combination of Skype’s free chat software and the Bing AI assistant allows you to take advantage of the latest Chat-GPT technology without having to pay for it. At present, this is also the best free AI-powered chatGPT chatbot on the market.

After inviting Bing AI to chat with your instant messaging account, it will respond within the GPT-4 chat model and provide real-time data to users. AI chat support from Bing will also work in your mobile browser and a great free service for mobile users.

New Bing in Skype

Ora GPT4

While limited to 5 queries per day, free members can still use this site to test out the full capabilities of ChatGPT-4 without having to pay for it. If you’re simply curious to know if the OpenAI Plus plan is worth it, try testing out GPT4 capabilities through their free account.

Try Ora GPT4

While it can still use some design improvements, OpenAI’s paid membership seems to offer the best option at present to gain easy access to the advanced version of GPT-4. Some others, like Halist, however, offer cheaper monthly plans.

This adaptive experience is the best and cheapest GPT-4 tool we’ve seen so far. For $9 per month, their Pro Plan allows for 600,000 GPT-4 tokens with fair usage, and once they expire your account will default to unlimited GPT-3-.5 turbo access. While their Starter Plan is only $4/mo it only includes 300 usages per month of the GPT-3.5 Turbo model, which is 10x increases from the 30 you’ll get from a free account. leverages reinforcement learning to challenge incorrect premises and nonsensical answers. It uses search engines to gather information and employs human AI trainers to improve its performance. The comparison tables Halist creates are also easily copiable from their text box output, while the import/export chat features are very handy and include markdown syntax.

Get Hailist Pro

ChatGPT Plus

You can get priority access to GPT-4 from the official chatGPT website for $20 per month by becoming an OpenAI Plus member. This provides the ability to maintain GPT4 context throughout a conversation, which provides more accurate, coherent, human-like responses. Unfortunately, Plus accounts have a usage limitation of 25 prompt responses every 3 hours, combine prompts where possible, and try to debug your queries in a new 3.5-turbo chat where you have unlimited access.

When you access chatGPT-4, you find this to be a very powerful tool that includes direct internet access and uses real-time information in responses. You still need to sign up for a free account to get access, but just click on My Plan in your settings to upgrade your OpenAI account. Unfortunately, there is no official chatGPT mobile app, but you can log in via any web browser.

Get ChatGTP Plus

OpenAI playground

While the Plus plan has usage restrictions, the OpenAI API Playground also you unfettered access to chat GPT-4. There are no monthly plans here though, and you will be billed for chatGPT costs in the form of tokens.

The OpenAI Pricing Plan for Playground usage is best suited for users that require heavy usage of GPT-4, DALL·E, or Whisper. A 100-word chatgpt prompt will cost around 125 tokens and a 300-word response around 375 tokens. which is less than $0.03. You can also use this tokenizer the guage costs as well as to teach yourself to write more efficient chatgpt prompts.

ModelContextPromptPer Token [P]CompletionPer Token [C]
GPT-48K$0.03 / 1K tokens $0.00003$0.06 / 1K tokens $0.00006
GPT-432K$0.06 / 1K tokens $0.00006$0.12 / 1K tokens $0.00012
GPT-3.5-turbo8K$0.002 / 1K tokens $0.000002$0.002 / 1K tokens $0.000002
DALL·E1024×1024N/AN/A$0.020 / imageN/A
DALL·E512×512N/AN/A$0.018 / imageN/A
DALL·E256×256N/AN/A$0.016 / imageN/A
WhisperAudioN/AN/A$0.006 / minuteN/A
OpenAI Playground Pricing Plans

While API Playground is typically meant for app developers it can be used to skirt around the fair usage policy. If you want to build out say, a customer service automation app then you would be billed based on the usage of all users of your app.

OpenAI Playground

Free Alternatives

While many of the following AI solutions use their own neural language models, they are very similar to chat GPT in many ways.

This has to be one of the most popular free chat GPT alternatives out there. It’s simply, a fun website with a host of AI character chatbots that include Elon Musk, Tony Stark, and Saul Goodman. To talk with these special characters you will need to create a free account or log in via Google, Facebook, Discord, or Apple.

Their AI assistants don’t normally require a login, but during peak times, you may need to wait 1-10 minutes to start your smart chatting experience. We recommend using Lyle for writing detail-orientated, fact-filled articles with very little embellishment. Lily is someone we’d recommend for writing more bubbly AI-generated social media posts.

The Brainstormer tool is great for generating new ideas, while the Psychologist personality can help better understand why they’d be useful to you. Their Pair Programmer can even help you write code or solve coding problems, while HyperGlot can tell you to speak in many different languages.

Quora, the Q&A platform offers access to their AI via the web and mobile devices via Apple Store and Google Play apps. The free version of Poes’s GPT-4 Bot unfortunately is restricted to 1 query per day, while AnthropicAI’s Claude+ has a 3 query max. Poe has paid chatbot services too, but they may be GEO restricted.

Free membership to will allow you to use chatgpt free through the 3.5-turbo model with advanced chat features such as tell me more and related questions with links to follow-up prompts. The app’s text summarization features have many different use cases, and its enhanced question-answering system offers faster responses than many other applications.

Poe can also provide feedback on current events, while. AI language models like Sage, Claude, NeeviaAI, and DragonFly are here too. You can also create a chat bot yourself or try user options like tripAdvisor, KnowYourMath, FlirtBot, or BestPromptEver which is based on this amazing GPT prompt.

Poe Website | IOS | Android

One of the best free ChatGPT alternative options is (formerly because its users produce a ton of free chatgpt plugins for you to test out. Some of our favorite GPT conversation models include HustleGPT, SEObot, AI Prompt Engineer, GPT Coder, Travel Guide, and TouristBot.

With this free chatbot tool, you can further explore the latest trending bots and featured bots. Ora also and a for developers to create their own bots. You can even create a custom chatbot of your own through Ora’s chatgpt API, and free accounts, can edit and save chatbots too.


Free GPT 3.5

There’s a lot you can do in Chat GPT 3.5, especially with the Turbo model, so don’t discount this, as you use it to create content outlines, refine prompts, and answer follow-up questions that will help save your precious GPT-4 responses.

OpenAI Chat

Offers easy access to several open-source, large language models including ChatGPT 3 and GPT-3.5. After signing up for your free Chat GTP login, you can start utilizing this state-of-the-art technology right away.

This free AI chatbot is designed to provide OpenAI users with engaging conversational AI experiences. It’s also a great option for free content generation using Natural Language Processing (NLP), and using the thumbs-up and down buttons can help improve their AI systems.

Do note ChatGPT 3 are generative pre-trained models that do not connect to the internet. They have a limited knowledge dataset with the current version restricted to September 2020 (3.0) and September 2021 cutoff (3.5).

Free ChatGPT Login

Halist Free

While this AI is the best alternative on our premium plans list, you’re only allowed 30 uses per month in the free version, which runs on the Chat GPT-3.5 Turbo model. You can get internet connectivity here though, and the ability to import/export conversations makes it a little more user-friendly than the Open AI version.

Get Halist Free

This powerful AI platform bills itself as a better ChatGPT experience, and that is true, but it still looks to be limited to the Chat GPT-3.5-turbo model. Still, the fact that free signup gets you quick access to generate images and custom personas, along with shareable chats makes it a better option than OpenAI.

Their sorting folders and @chatbot user-friendly interface make it easy to use the AI-driven capabilities of Forefront to fine-tune your chat models for various applications and workflows. Productivity virtual assistants include a copywriter, sales guru, senior software developer, GIS expert, and jargon translator. Some famous celebrity chatbots include Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Joe Rogan, and Gordan Ramsey. You can also chat with many many athletes and fictional characters like Harry Potter, Charles Xavier, and Yoda.


Fun AIs and would definitely rank near the top of this list but since they’re already in our top free chatgpt alternatives list, we have not included them here.

AI Dungeon

A free membership on this AI storytelling platform entitles users to an interactive fiction experience. AI Dungeon uses text data from past conversations to improve its performance. It incorporates human feedback and is fine-tuned to provide an engaging user experience.

In this dungeon role-playing game you can immerse yourself in an unlimited number of single-player text adventures with AI-generated narratives and scenarios. The game master capabilities let users customize their adventures, while the creative writing tool encourages the development of writing skills.

The platform’s story generation features make it a compelling choice for those who appreciate virtual worlds and collaborative writing experiences. It also fosters creativity and imagination, enabling users to influence the storyline by inputting their actions and choices.

Visit AI Dungeon

Other Options

We moved some once useful Chat GPT-4 alternatives here which either no longer seem to work when testing.

This AI chat assistant utilizes the OpenAI Playground and creates a personalized user experience with settings for maximum token length, response randomness temperature, and token usage penalties for repetitiveness.

This was recently one of the better Chatgpt alternatives with GPT-4 capabilities. You can still get 5 free queries per day, but when now selecting model GPT-4. it provides answers as GPT-3 with a knowledge cutoff date of September 2020,


Hugging Face

The Huggingface Gradio Demo is supposed to provide full access to the GPT4 API with a 4096 token limit, and no OpenAI API key required. The demo, however, was barely functional when last tested and produced more <Response 200> errors than actual responses. Hugging Face’s Transformers library offers training data and a conversational AI model.

Ysharma Hugging Face


Below you’ll find answers to our most frequently asked questions which cover each version of chatgpt, along with their free alternatives and other paid membership plans.

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It’s a deep learning, AI Language Model developed by the OpenAI research lab. GPT-4 utilizes Natural Language Processing through various dialogue applications to generate text and provide answers to user queries with a high degree of accuracy. GPT4 can also connect to the internet and pull data from Google Search which previous GPT-3.5 models could not.

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Yes, ChatGPT offers a free version called OpenAI ChatGPT Free. It provides access to the GPT model, allowing users to engage in AI-driven conversations. However, it comes with limitations, such as API restrictions and slower response times, compared to paid alternatives. There is OpenAI ChatGPT Plus for a fee of $20/month though it does limit to 25 prompts for every 3 hours.

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Users can get free GPT-4 access through Microsoft-introduced AI tools in New Bing and Bing on Skype. Google Bard,,, and are also good GPT-4 alternatives. At $9 per month, is the best low-price GPT-4 website compared to the $20 Open AI Plus plan.

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To try out Chat GPT-4 for free, use the Bing AI Chatbot or Bing on Skype. For more advanced prompt usage the $9 monthly subscription plan at is the best chatgpt alternative. OpenAI Plus accounts cost $20 per month with usage limits of 25 responses every 3 hours. IOS and Android could get a similar similar experience using the Poe Fast AI Chat, a Quora developed App. Advance users and those requiring an API connection need to use the OpenAI playground.

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We highly recommend’s $9 per month plan, alongside a $20/mo OpenAI Plus account for GPT04 usage. For heavy users, per-per-token billing via OpenAI’s Playground is your best bet. Bing AI and Bing on Skye are the best free GPT-4 options, while Google Bard,,,, and are the best chatgpt like experiences.